• Resolving the Past

      Every one of us has a past, and it is often filled with light and dark, boring and exciting, funny and chaotic, dramatic and traumatic. …

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  • Brighter Future

      When we think about a brighter future various thoughts may come to mind such as getting that dream job, creating a happy life with that …

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  • Welcome


    Mar-LP-EB Profile 175Hello and Welcome! I hope you will spend some time wandering around the site. We have so much information including our Forum with many ever-changing discussions going on.

    What you will find here is information about energy work, and specifically Theta Healing, which is the basis for the work I do. Since I have a mental health background, you’ll find that my work is grounded in experience, education and just plain old common sense. (warm smile)

    Look for the Site Map to help you find those hidden places. The site is large and you can get lost easily. We are constantly updating it, so you may find things moved around a little between visits. If you get confused or frustrated, please call or email. We want to make your visit to the site one that you enjoy and want to keep coming back to hang around awhile.

    If you haven’t yet met Carmen, you are in for a real treat! She has a passion for Astrology, I Ching and many other really cool techniques to help you learn about yourself and where you’re going in this lifetime. I’m so honored to have her with us. Her gifts and abilities are a nice addition to the services I offer. Together we create even more choices.

    So, come on in, make yourself at home.