Ceremonies and Rituals

Again, we have had a great question brought up in the forum, thanks Colleen and Curio, about moon rituals and rituals in general and their role in spirituality.

I think rituals or ceremonies create a sense of orientation for us. It’s like how we sometimes say, “It feels like a Monday”, or “this just doesn’t feel like my birthday”. The way we get a sense of time is by the rituatls we go through on a daily basis. When you think of it, we have a go-to-work ritual, or a day-off ritual, birthday rituals, going-to-bed rituals and so on. Even if we don’t have more formal rituals like moon ceremonies, we still somehow keep track of the passing  time in some way. If we live in a seasonal climate, then we talk about the changing weather and we look out our windows and notice the leaves or the days get longer or shorter. In climates where the weather doesn’t change as much there will be other cues, holidays that roll around once a year, for example. 

Many rituals have some focal point, or reason for being. Holidays can simply be time off work for some people, and for others the meaning may be deeper. Christmas for some people is quite spiritually based, while others experience it as simply a time to get together with family and exchange gifts. Regardless of how people decide to experience Christmas, it acts as mile marker. It signifies the end of another year.

With all of that said, I would like to share the New Moon ritual that Forrist and I did for several years.

If you want a little tool to help you keep track of when the new moon is, here is a link http://www.fourmilab.ch/moontoolw/ to one that creates an icon in your tool tray for Windows users.

This is a powerful ceremony Forrist, my life partner at the time, and now my business partner, taught me a few years ago.  He learned about it from his astrologer, Louis Turi.  We have since then kept some of Dr. Turi’s ideas, and have integrated some of our own.  We continually remain open to other ideas and incorporate them as we like.  We encourage you to do the same.

There is no magic in saying certain words, or having just the right candles or the perfect incense.  The power is in your intention.  The more of your heart you allow to be in the ceremony the more power you give to the universe, thus the more energy there is working to manifest your intentions.

The New Moon is the time of new beginnings.  It is the time to start new projects, sign new contracts, travel, or make plans to travel.  The Full Moon is the time of completion, letting go, clearing out the old to make room for the new.

The Ceremony

You will need:
3 candles; White, Green, Blue
1 incense (my favorite is Nag Champa)
A bell
Pictures of your favorite Spiritual and Celestial Beings
Your written intentions and a safe place to burn them

The Candles:
Green represents the future
Blue represents the past
White represents the present

These are any that hold powerful energy for you.  Here are some examples;
Your Guru

Writing your intentions:

We like to write our intentions in a way that create a tension from the way it is now to the way we intend it to be,  as though it is already that way.  There is an example later on in this message.

Here is our opening:
We announce our intentions with confidence, knowing that all will be for the best and highest good of all concerned.  And as always, we thank you for hearing us, loving us and granting our wishes and needs.

We express our gratefulness and appreciation for our Current Reality while holding faith for manifesting needs and desires yet to come:

Here is our closing:
together and apart, are Co-Creating with Spirit this vision.  And so it is.

I AM that I AM.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

Writing your intentions:

Here is an example of our own style of writing the intentions themselves:

Current Situation:  We have a strong desire to own a hot tub, currently we do not have one.

We are manifesting: A nice, affordable hot tub and all the extras to create a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere to spend time in on a regular basis.

NOTE:  We started writing this intention about six months ago. (This has now been several years ago) This week it is coming into reality!  Through a long string of synchronicities that I won’t spend time telling you about here, we are now having a deck built off of our bedroom.  Our landlord, lowered our rent by $80.00 a month, he is supplying the labor, we are supplying the materials.  He had to cut a door into our bedroom so the deck can be  built outside our room.  We found a beautiful hot tub that is used, but has been professionally refurbished, and would have cost abour $4500.00 if we would have gotten it new, for about $2500.00 from a private party, used and not refurbished.  We bought it fo $1000.00.  Since the woman works with hot tubs as her business she was also able to put in an ozonator and a few other goodies at very reasonable prices.

    Write the current situation and then what you want to manifest.  That creates an energetic tension to help the universe pull in what you want.  

Once you have your intentions written, set up your table with all of your candles, incense, bell and any pictures you have gathered together.

*   Light your incense and candles.  We usually place the candles at three points of a triangle with the incense in the middle.  
*   Now open your ceremony by ringing your bell.  
*   Invite all of your favorite angels, guides God and so on.   
*   Read your intentions.  
*   Blow out two of your candles and use one to light your intentions.  It doesn’t matter which candle you use to ignite your intentions.  

Once your intentions have gone up in smoke you are done.

That’s all there is to it.  We usually keep a copy of our intentions in our computer, that way we can just edit them each month.  Also it gives us a record of what our intentions have been and how much has come to pass.  Our whole ceremony takes less than 10 minutes, and it is so worth it!

Ok… that’s it.  Enjoy!

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  1. pennywisepoet says:

    I truly appreciate this post. I would love to have more rituals in my every day life, but sometimes I just don’t know where to begin. Thank you for this!

  2. ladyeaglefeather says:

    I love this. I would just like to add something. I was always told, to make the ritual your own. It adds more power to it. In other words, add your own touch to the ritual. Something like your own little prayer.

  3. firelily99 says:

    Rituals are such a big part of maintaining a flow in one’s life. They channel our energy in ways that create focus and points of solidness in a fluid and often times confusing world. I have a few rituals, they are not spectacular and have no real need for props of any kind. What they do is to help center me and get me back into balance within myself.

  4. oavani says:

    I enjoyed that very much, and I agree with you. I absolutely do need and practice rituals on a regular basis. I use them for visual and sensual stimulation, in order to keep myself grounded and connected to nature and spiritual forces. While living in New Orleans, I learned the art of hoodoo, which was a powerful way to stay focused on my intentions. It cleared away mental obstructions and allowed me to stay positive every day. I am a much happier person because of it.

  5. firelily99 says:

    I find it extremely important to set up rituals for the different meditations that I do. It allows me to gently find my way into the rhythm of the moment and it quiets both my body and my mind. It is a thoughtful and prayerful way of harnessing whatever wayward and scrambled energy I may be experiencing and allow myself to begin breathing and focusing on what I am trying to do.

  6. firelily99 says:

    I do have rituals when I meditate, nothing elaborate and generally devoid of props. Still they have a way of centering me in the moment and prepare me for the quietude that I require when I am meditating.

  7. Leila says:

    When I was younger, I had several rituals like this I would do. Thank you for reminding me about them. I have so many daily tasks, sometimes I forget to have a place for me. I think I am going to watch out for the new moon and add this to my life.

  8. warmweatherwoman says:

    I like that you explained the need for intentions during the rituals. All I’ve read in the past don’t go into such detail and I really appreciate you going step by step. It gives me a great starting point.

    I find I don’t discuss this much among friends because just the word ritual seems to somewhat scare them for some reason. Everyone goes right to “black magic” and “witchcraft” ….so I don’t even bother trying to explain anymore. People will always have their own explanations for things and sometimes you just cannot convince them that you are not doing anything evil. People can be so closed minded at times.

    Thanks again for this post!

  9. Laksefar says:

    Rituals and ceremonies are deeply imbedded in human culture.
    And for me they help me with consistency and meaning in life.
    I might try out some of your suggestions !
    Thanks for the post :)

  10. jonathan says:

    Yeah, people do have some expectations whenever they hear the word “ritual” or “ceremony” and it’s mostly based on misconceptions and legends. It’s nice that you went into detail here so that most people can understand what each means and how it should be done.

    It’s pretty time consuming and sometimes not even worth the effort to explain these things to closed minded people that just want to argue and prove they are right and you are wrong.

  11. stardisgate says:

    This is REALLY good information. I am looking to do something similar for a “spiritual wedding” I would love to have with my fiance. I love knowing the information on the New moons. This is something I will have to study more.

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