Kryon-Book VII-"Letters from Home"- Most Asked Q & A
From Lee Carroll...

Here it is again! The question and answer section of Kryon Book Six, Partnering with God, was the most popular new addition to the Kryon we did it again. Many of these were published in our Kryon Quarterly Magazine in the last year or so. Some of the subjects are similar to the questions asked before, but with expanded answers. Again, some difficult questions regarding controversial subjects have also been included. Here is the list of categories that will be covered by Kryon in this chapter.

Ascension Human Evolution Self-Worth
Astrology Now Human Soul (& cloning) Sleep Loss
Autism Jesus & Paul Soul Name
(Spiritual Name)
Contracts Karma Voiding Spiritual Energy
Dolphins & Whales Neutral Implant/Release Vibrating Higher
Earth Energy Sources Secret world Government


Question: Dear Kryon, I feel drawn to the process of ascension. Does ascension affect the consciousness of our souls? Or are our souls already in the fullest state of consciousness of the source whom we call God? Is there one pathway to ascension, or are there a number of pathways?

Answer: Let's define soul from our perspective. Your soul is that part of your humanism which is divine and eternal. It represents a part of your "Higher Self" (not all). The soul knows all and is perfect. It constantly shares information and is in an interactive state with entities around it, and with the "family" that is part of it on the other side of the veil. This is how current "planning sessions" are done--with the soul.

Within this definition, therefore, the answer to your question is that the soul is a partner in the Human process of ascension. Your vibrational shift is a Human one that is facilitated by your intent. Your soul is the part of divinity that is now allowed to give you the gifts, divine shapes, energies, and tools that it always have at-the-ready The ascension process, therefore, is the integration of your 3D Human consciousness with the multidimensional soul that has your same name.

There is one door to ascension and many paths from the door. The door is intent, and the pathways are whatever steps you choose that will increase your awareness and your wisdom of the soul. The soul is really what we have called "the golden one," the "anointed Angel within."

Don't be mired in the process, logistics, or what some might call the "absolute rules of ascension." One you open the door, the personal path for you will be given, and it may be different from what you have been taught. Be wise in these things, and know that there are many ways that will lead you to your goal-- not just one. Be wary of the Human who tells you otherwise--who may ask you to do it a certain way or suffer consequences. Fear is not involved with the ascension processes. Just like your life is unique, so too is your learning path to a higher vibration. Some will soar past steps that used to be "required," and some may go very slowly through a uniform process that may seem arduous to others. It does not matter. Your intent to open the door is the key. Everything that follows is of your own making.

Claiming your Merkabah, moving into the fourth dimension, even co-creating a new you, is all done in ways that are unique for your process.

The common denominator for all of this is intent, and the Love of God realized in your life. Study it all, then move as you are led. Use discernment in your studies, ad let no other person define for you what your sacredness should be. By your very intent, your claim the I AM! After claiming it, don't then give it away to another. Instead, let the others guide you into your own process--one that is perfect for you. Let them help you balance.

The intent to start the ascension status of enlightenment is an intent to break out of the mold of being in the "flock." The energy of the shepherd is therefore transmitted to you. Claim it!

Astrology Now

Question: Dear Kryon, In Book One, The End Times, you addressed "systems workers," Those healers working with systems such as astrology -- about realigning the planetary aspects two to three degrees to the right by 1992. It's now 1999. What advice do you have now about changing our systems? Has it moved more than three degrees to the right? What other aspects have changed? And how can we give our clients the most accurate information?

Answer: Again, we address the science of the magnetic systems. Do you understand that astrology is one of the oldest sciences on the planet? If we were to slightly change the way physics worked on the planet--say, the vibrational frequencies of the smallest parts, do you know what the results would be? It would change matter greatly. We would never be able to simply say to the scientists, "Move your physics a few degrees to the right!"

What you have before you is just the same. There is now ay we can tell you all of the attributes that the magnetic shift has given to your science. We told you about shifts of three to five degrees. We told you that a "right-hand" shift was related to the actual movement. We originally gave you information that was accurate. Many of you, therefore, tried shifting your entire charts to the right, as though our magnetic work was also on a piece of paper. What do you think astrologers who use other planetary bodies as the "anchor" will do (S[specifically the moon-anchored charts)?

In other words, there is far more to the right-hand shift than a chart adjustment. You are going to have to find this out for yourselves--just like you did in the beginning--but here is a hint. For those using the sun as the anchor (Western astrology), start experimenting with changing the sizes of the houses. Make your adjustments together equal a total of 4.5 degrees at the moment (through 1999). That is, all the changes together should equal 4.5 degrees. Which houses? Which ones do you think would change with an attribute of Humans on Earth receiving greater enlightenment? Which ones do you think might have to change to allow one sign to become another within certain borderline readings? Those of you who are very involved with astrology will have that answer. In fact, some of you regularly make this changed anyway, since quite often the old method does not reflect the reality of who the individual actually is. In other words, many of you are already changing it correctly based on real-life experience in the new energy.

Here in another hint: you will find your greatest results by doing readings on the new children. The puzzle will be clearer to you by examining the energy of Humans who are coming in matching the new energy, instead of Humans who are undergoing changes within it.

The question is greatly honored. We do indeed want you to find the answer, but you must do it yourselves. Part of this is also to get you to work together--but then, you knew that, didn't you?


Question: Dear Kryon, In Kryon Book VI, Partnering with God, you talk about autistic children. Will you please reveal to me what is so special about autistic children?

Answer: I wish I could reveal all but I cannot due to what must remain your own discovery. An autistic child is a savant--a sage that is lurking in another dimension waiting for evolution to catch up. Those of you who have felt that the autistic child is far grander than appearances are correct. The biggest hint should be his relationship to the cetaceans and dolphins on Earth. Experiment with this! Find out what is happening! It will suit you to understand these special Humans and their connection to these other creatures.

The autistic Human is one who represents part of the next evolution of Humans. Their old mental tools are not incomplete, but rather, evolved, and therefore gone. The butterfly does not think like a worm, but the society of worms won't understand that. The autistic child is overloaded with unsorted crass in put in a low-energy world. He expects elegant and refined energy communication and does not fin in with the current unevolved language that is given. If you had to exist in a land where everyone simultaneously shouted and motioned to you in groans and grunts that were not in the least understandable, you might begin to relate. The noise and confusion would become frustrating, and it would quickly overcome you. You would beg to be released! You would ask for things to be reduced to simplicity--for your own sanity!

This Human is not an anomaly or a defect. He is a glimpse of the future. By the way, all of these children respond best to love--the greatest universal communication.


Question: Dear Kryon, I am a 50-year-old incarcerated woman, I am currently serving a 20-year sentence for a fatal accident that occurred while I was drunk. I don't recall much about what happened during the accident, but I know that I am now paying the consequences. I began reading spiritual material while in prison, including one of the Kryon books. I have read about our spiritual contracts, but I am still struggling to understand how this works. I did I prearrange to "accidentally" kill this man? Did he agree to it beforehand? If so, does this mean we were both doing God's work? I am confused about how contracts work in such tragic instances. Please help me with this, as I struggle with it every day, I truly want to know how I can make amends.

Answer:Thank you, dear one, for this profound question. Indeed, Human tragedy is most difficult to explain in terms of contract, but your intuition serves you correct;u regarding your agreement with this man. His family might not agree, but they, as well as you, have a duality that is strong in this area--seemingly inappropriate death and victimization.

The two of you decided together to bring about a situation that would be a catalyst, or "gift," to those around you. I n the process, you helped to facilitate (1) those around him, and (2) those around you. We have spoken before about the fact that often it takes going to the lowest Human ebb of life to create attributes with the potential of spiritual change. Not only do you find yourself at that bridge, but the potential was also given to the man who agreed with you to provide the gift.

Everyone around this situation of his death and your incarceration can do one of two things about it: (1) Dwell in the drama of the tragedy for your life--grieving and being constantly the victim, or (2) understand the "gift" of potential for change that has been willingly given, and celebrate the event by taking responsibility for part of the agreement. Then you can ask, "What now?" What does it mean? "What am I supposed to do with it?"

If you chose the first option, you have chosen to void out his life--making it meaningless and ignoring the energy of the experience--and the love that went into its facilitation for you.

Now, as far as you are concerned, no amends are necessary. It's time to see it for what it is, and time to start speaking to him every day and celebrating the fact that all went according to the potential you set up. By taking spiritual responsibility as well as moral responsibility, you now have to start looking around to find out why you are where you are. You agreed to it, now look around. Expect synchronicity in prison. Is there a place there where you can help hold your lift? Were you brought there perhaps for this? What good thing can come from your time there? When all is done and you discover that good thin, realize that the man you "accidentally" killed knew very well of this potential, too. Morn his loss appropriately, then celebrate the gift of his love that allowed him to go through with it!

Dolphins and Whales

Question: Dear Kryon, I feel very connected to dolphins and whales. What is their relationship to Humans on this planet?

Answer: Continuing with the discussion of the cetaceans and dolphins (from the autistic question above), you must know that the connection between them and Humans is profound. I cannot reveal what the connection is at this time, but if you remember, I have spoken of these creatures as the "library of the planet." In addition, I have told you that they are sacred and that they respond to magnetics. In addition, I have told you that they will be part of your future. Take all these hints, and protect them to your own answer, using the discernment that you have been given. You will then understand.

All Humans know the answer at the cellular level, where the great secrets are all known about whom you really are and what you are doing here--and the potential of what is to come. Don't you find it interesting that regardless of culture or religion, the world as a while has decided to save the whales? What other species has the world come together to save in this way? The answer is none!

Why? It's because these creatures are important placeholders of the energy and knowledge of what is to come, ad at the cellular level, all Humans know it. I call the dolphins the "pilots." The whales I call the "library." Together they will lead you to knowledge in the future It may sound strange, but it is so. Meanwhile, celebrate their existence, and "speak" to them often. They absolutely know who Humans are, and respond to you differently than any other creature on Earth.

Earth Energy Sources

Question: Dear Kryon, Where should we (Humans) look to for new energy sources for our planet?

Answer: Where they have always been. Start by considering the ones that are the oldest. Many of you feel that new energy sources always mean new technology. In a sense, you are correct. The best energy source you have is the heat inside the planet. Find new technology to get it efficiently! Stop creating heat! It's everywhere below you. The highest-tech power plants you currently have turn heat into steam. Now let the planet give you the heat, and turn it into steam. It really is there for you--without waste, without danger, without side effects.

Next, start capturing the incredible powers of the tides--the push--pull action that is always there. You have had the knowledge for a very long tie about how to do this. Perhaps it was too low-tech?

Finally, when you are able to understand some of these basic energies of the planet and how they have been there all along to provide power for you , slowly move into capturing the main one. This process involves connecting to the Cosmic Lattice through knowledge on how to manipulate its vibration, and unbalance portions of it for your convenience. (See Chapter Seven, and the channelings on The Cosmic Lattice.)

Human Evolution

Question: Dear Kryon, How does evolution fit in to our present Human condition? You made a statement that man as we know it began about 100,000 years ago, but there were different types of man starting about 300,000 years ago. (This is from memory, so I may not be quoting you correctly.)

Answer: There has been life on your planet for a very long time, and several types of Human life as well. Some types even developed and became extinct. Other types evolved almost to what you see today. We told you that your actual race has a lineage of only about 100,000 years so that you would understand that although there might have been Humans before that, the kind with the adjusted lesson and seed biology (as given by those from the Seven Sisters) started about that time. Any study of humanity before that is a study of those unlike you.

You also should know that the Human Being on the planet right now is absolutely unique. Never in the history of the planet has a Human developed with the consciousness attributes that you carry at this moment. With time, there will be slight physical changes as well, with some enlarged detoxification organs, adding to the uniqueness of your time. Now, truly, is the demarcation point of a whole new Human Being!

The Human Soul (& Cloning)

Question: Dear Kryon, I've been reading a lot about soul retrieval from other lightworkers. According to them, Human Beings often experience what is called "soul loss," meaning aspects of your soul must be retrieved and reintegrated with your soul for you to be able to move forward in the ascension process. Furthermore, they say you cannot do this by yourself--it takes a "specialist." Can you shed some light on what they are talking about?

Answer: We have spoken many times of this in other words that you have asked with, but it will answer your question. The ascension process is working on capturing more and more of the divinity of the "angel within you." In that, you might then say that you are retrieving more of the divine soul and integrating (melding) with it. So the answer to the first part of your question is yes.

ON your own, however, you have the ability to do this. You have earned it, and this has been the subject of our Human enablement channels, as well as the message of the master of love from over 2,000 years ago. Humans can now go to ascension status with intuitive steps and self-study.

However, there are several facilitating methods of energy work combined with knowledge that some will find helpful in the journey. Remember, Michael Thomas of The Journey Home was facilitated by no less that seven angels for his "fast track" to ascension status. There is, therefore, precedent in this, but it is important to understand that it is indeed possible by yourself. This is the main message of Spirit through the Kryon channel!

Question: Dear Kryon, Would cloned Human Beings have souls as we do? Does cloning serve a higher purpose? If so, how?

Answer: Dear ones, it is important for you to understand that Spirit does not exist in a vacuum! It was the energy of Spirit that provided the science for cloning, as well as for other enhancements in what you call the "normal" way Humans are "born" on this planet. Let me ask you this: When reproductive biology is "helped" with birth, does the child have a normal soul? What about the freezing of reproductive cells, then their use later? Does the resulting child have a normal soul?

The answer to all of this, plus the potential of cloning is yes! The entity that comes in with any of these Human incarnation, no matter what the technology, is totally aware of the circumstances around it and has actively chosen the challenge, Think of the challenge someday if you clone a Human Being! This soul will have stood in line for this--just like you did.

Jesus and Paul

Question: Dear Kryon, In Book Six you said that the apostle Paul was a spiritual channel. Was he not, in fact, largely responsible for the distorted version of Jesus' teachings that eventually became orthodox Christianity? Indeed, it is my understanding that the other apostles considered Paul a heretic of the worst sort. Any additional comments about Paul?

Question: In this life as a lightworker, I feel very close to Jesus. Sometimes I even feel like I lived a past life in the time of Jesus. However, I cannot relate to the story of Jesus as told in the Bible and a taught by today's churches. These versions seem so far from the truth! How accurate is the Biblical depiction of Jesus? Please help me to understand.

Answer: These questions are taken together, since they are caused by the same core issue of what truth is. In February 1999, we gave you a channelling about this important issue (see Chapter One, "The Integrity of God"). Here are some comments for you to consider which were part of that message.

First, here are some questions that may expose some of your assumptions about what took place in history. Orthodox Christianity contains over 300 segmented boxes of those who feel God smiles only on them. Which one of those got the distorted view of Jesus' teaching? Which one is right? Which wars and carnage relating to believing the "right way' about Jesus do you think were sanctioned by Spirit (God)? Do you really think an abundant Human can't go to heaven? Do you think that the "truth" that priests had got changed a bit throughout the hundreds of years when they were also the heads of government? Would you give your most cherished religious doctrines to your American Congress to keep pure and change only when needed--for over 300 years? Yet that is what happened. Do you really think God hates Humans who carry heavy karmic attributes of gender identification into their lives? Do you think that an awesome, loving god, who created Humans in a spiritual image (family), would then kill them one by one--torturing them in hell forever because they didn't follow some rules--or find the truth throughout life--the children, too? That's who you are being told God is.

Now, you ask if you believe you have the accurate story? Obviously, something is not being translated--or got lost along the way.

I ask these things only as rhetorical questions that point out that this information you think you have does not accurately give you the big picture at all. Are you aware that Jesus was called "the wicked priest" by the other Jewish priests? If they thought Jesus was wicked, is it any wonder that some of the other followers of Jesus took issue with Paul's leadership? What other apostles received the kind of miracle that Paul did on the road to Damascus? Do you remember the difference between an apostle and a disciple? Do you think they might have been competing with each other? Does it remind you of any attributes of your own modern religious times?

I broach these things to give you the information that even while Jesus lived, and immediately afterwards, Humans were infighting over his immense power and what they thought he had said and done. Very few really "got it." There were may splits immediately--some leading to the lowest energy actions in the name of Spirit ever to be performed formed on the Earth.

To answer your question directly, no ,you do not have the full story(about Jesus' life) does indeed exist within the known sacred scrolls. Why then, you might ask, are there so many versions of what happened? So many different rules to follow? So many different ideas of exactly who and how to worship? The reason is that there are so many different Humans.

The scrolls are available, and potent. They contain information that would upset and unbalance the very core doctrines of those who believe they know all about Jesus Why are the scholars somewhat hesitant to release them? How long does it really take to form opinions on the messages contained within them? So far, scholars have been at it over 40 years. Do any of you know what the real interpretations are--the ones kept at low profile? Some do, and they are having a difficult time with the issue of what to do with this kind of knowledge. Some wish they didn't know it. Some have released it and have been ridiculed.

Our instructions to you on this issue have not changed since we started giving you messages ten years ago. Regarding Jesus: He was an avatar and a shaman of great importance, and He gave spectacular information to humanity about Human empowerment He ushered in a spiritual dispensation where humanity was slowly earning the chance to understand vibrational shift. He enable Humans. He taught love. He showed Peter how to walk on the water, taught him now he could do it by himself, and Peter did! It was only when Peter doubted, that he took the hand of Jesus for help yet many or your priests of today interpret that to say, "Peter could not do it without Jesus." They forget what the real message was--that of empowerment. This is an example of how so much of what Jesus did was stretched to mean other things--things that usually didn't empower the individual Human, but the organization or priest instead. Is it any wonder why there were so many empowered priests? So many rules?

We told you ten years ago about religion: "Be still, and let love be your discernment." We have told you now many times that each of you has all the truth with you. You don't have to join anything or follow any Human to find it. We have asked you many times to set your highest priority regarding your religious differences to: loving each other within the scope of your divisions. We told you you not to try to change the other, but only to love them. We asked you to invite wisdom into your life.

We told you early on that you will never eliminate the various doctrines or beliefs on Earth. They are not expected to come together into some vast melting pot. What you can expect, however, is wisdom--bringing the solution of tolerance--of understanding that Humans have the right to find God/Spirit in any way that is comfortable for them. Stop making all the other family members wrong. Stop trying to make them believe your way. Take care of your own spiritual matters, then allow the others, the rest of the family, to exist--just as you do--then celebrate them!

Dear one, do you relate to Jesus love? Indeed! So do we all! Do you relate to the love and wise spiritual teachings of Elijah? So do we all! How about the other great masters of many cultures? We celebrate and relate to the love! Love is love, and it will be found in many places all over the globe. Avatars are alive today and have vast spiritual power over matter and energy. It is a staple of the planet. Because they exist, does not mean they are against those who believe in Jesus! Understand that you are all together in your quests for enlightenment--now, love one another! Give space even to the ones you feel are very wrong about God. Let them find their own integrity and truth--then celebrate their life!

The basic truth is this: Love is the core of matter. Love is the key to future humanity's ability to change this Earth. Religion tells you great deal about men, not God. Within each of the religious boxes, however, there are seeds of basic truth. You don't need religion to be enlightened--you need only to change yourself. Then if you wish to participate in religion, you can. Then if you wish to follow something, follow the love! The power is within the individual, not the organization--not within the many interpretations of what happened--not within the many rules made by men. Jesus' real message was about taking your power, and that you actually had the ability to do it.

The Jewish master, Jesus, was one of many masters through the ages. He is the one that represents the highest visibility within your culture, and that's why the subject is found so often in the pages of the Kryon material on the American continent. It is not the same for the other Kryon channels in the other cultures Like so many other masters, Jesus enable men and women with love. And like so many other masters, His message? Love one another! Then when you have been able to own that concept, go ahead and walk on the water.

Karma Voiding

Question:Dear Kryon, According to my understanding, our karma is voided by the implant. So what effect does our natal astrology have upon us from the point of taking the implant? Is our astrological chart no longer valid after we take the implant?

Answer: This is a review, but perhaps it is time, since the answers were given many years ago.

The implant does not void your astrological sign That is your magnetic imprint, and is yours for your entire lifetime. What the intent for the implant/release does, is to void other astrological attributes that used to impact your sign.

We gave you the example of a fern. It is a plant, but specifically its imprint is as a fern. It loves warm places, indirect sunlight, and has a definite pattern of what it wants for sustenance (water schedule).

When the fern gives intent to change (the implant/release scenario), it will stay a fern. What will change are all the attributes around it that used to restrict it due to its "fern-ness." Although it will still love the shade, it can indeed exist in the sun. Although it will always enjoy a specific water schedule and will be predisposed toward it, it can move into the desert and survive. It never could before, and it remains a fern--alive and healthy.

Those of you who are of certain astrological signs know of your predisposition. You understand fully what the attributes are of the signs that were named and given to you by your astrological scientists. What you now have, however, is the ability to go beyond them and not be slowed down by previously known interactive magnetic planetary energies that would have done so.

Are there times when you were told not to do this or that due to your birth sign? That's what has now changed. Though your intent to receive the implantation of a new cellular awareness (the implant), you void many of the attributes of your astrological cycles. Therefore, many of the "do's and don'ts" that accompanied your sign are now a non-issue. Go ahead and try it if you have been one who closely follows your astrological aspects, you are going to be surprised at what you are able to do--even at some of the worst times, as predicted by your sign.

This can't be a surprise to you, for moving off the path of your contract is all about spiritual freedom, co-creation, and the start of a new paradigm of life. With all of that will come a feeling of being a new "magnetic" person as well.

Neutral Implant/Release

Question: Dear Kryon, How long a time do we have available to ask for the neutral implant? Is there a cutoff point of an optimal time to ask for it?

Answer: Let's again remember what the implant actually is. During the last ten years, we have refined and exposed what the energy around this process is for a Human. Remember that it's just you, giving pure intent and permission to move forward to the next spiritual step.

You are being implanted with enablement to receive the gifts from within your own power source. It's opening a door for communication. It's giving notice that you are ready to move away from the old contract that you came in with. It's profound, but simple. Some have made it sinister and fearful. Some have thought that such a thing isn't possible, and that priests and leaders must administer and facilitate it. It's odd that they would acknowledge the 11:11 window of humanity's permission. Such are the assumptions of duality.

The answer to your question is this: Your guides sit very quietly with you for your entire life. As channelled before, they are activated by your intent to move forward into a new vibration (the implant/release). This is seen as a major action item by your spiritual helpers. They move fast when activated by your intent to move forward into a new vibration (the implant/release). This is seen as a major action item by your spiritual helpers. They move fast when activated by your intent! Some of you have even complained about it.

Do you really think that they would give you a time limit? do you think that you would not be heard? This is your family! Therefore, the optimal time to ask is while you are alive, and the cutoff point is at the point of death.
We really do love you, you know. You can give this intent anytime you wish. It has no rules around it other than you, having full integrity and great purity around the request.

Question: Dear Kryon, I asked for the neutral implant/release several years ago, but continue to be tormented by a physical condition. Does this mean I haven't received the implant yet? What can I do?

Answer: Requesting the implant/release is simply a Human's pure request to discover the divinity inside, and to start a process of vibrational shift--the realization that you are a piece of God. When you give this request with spiritual pure intent, it is given to you without you ever having to ask again.

Some do not realize the power that this spiritual attribute contains. Some use intent that is conditional. They say, "If I do this, then perhaps God will do that." They do not realize what pure intent is.

Pure intent is defined as what Abraham had in his arm when the dagger was on its way into the chest of his only son. Abraham loved God so much, that although he was miserable with the thought of what might happen, he trusted in the love of Spirit. He trusted in the fact that God is a partner and would never trick him. He was right--and instead of a death, there was a celebration on that mountain--a win-win situation.

What I am saying is that your request, and the subsequent granting of it, was not about your physical condition. That comes later--after you start celebrating your life, after you understand the Spiritual decision and all the ramifications of it, after you practice holding your light in joy even with the physical condition, after you show those around you the spectacular light of your inner being

The implant/release is a lifelong application. It has as many gifts with it as there are Humans. When you stop wondering when the healing will occur, and start celebrating your existence itself, your biology will begin to change. For now turn your focus away from the obvious, and start working with the real gift first. Then joy and peace--and yes, even healing, will be added to your life. Learn to"own" the self-worth of the angel that sits inside. Then the things you desire will fall into place.

Secret World Government

Question: Dear Kryon, What are Kryon's thoughts and comment about the "secret world government"?

Answer: This "secret government" of your planet has been discussed before in multiple channellings. Some of you have called it the "Illuminati." Whereas this conspiratorial and powerful energy was making some progress toward its goal of controlling the way things work on Earth (mainly through secret financial plans and Human control), they are now battling for their very existence and meeting a foe they never expected.

The foe that they are meeting head-on is called truth. This sword of truth is being carried by millions, as a result of technology and raised consciousness on the planet. In your Human communications, what used to be official and lengthy has suddenly become informal and instant. You have created a web of interlacing exposure, greetings, and information that is blasting light at the very foundation of this dark and secret group.

As we have told you before, "When everyone can talk instantly to everyone, there can be no secrets." There is no power that can stand against the truth. Take a look at what has happened even to the most powerful men and women on Earth, no matter what their wealth or political affiliation, when some spectacular truth has been exposed regarding their lives. They cannot hide! No amount of power of wealth can overcome the energy of truth (the sword). Knowledge (the shield) is the catalyst of the truth, and the wisdom to communicate it is what we have called the "mantle of God," or the armor.

As in the other question in this series, we told you that the light is active. Nothing can stand against the truth of it. The darkness retreats and shrieks in horror at being exposed. Ironically (due to its name), as this group is illuminated, it cannot work. The dark is reduced to gray, and their workings become known. Secrets cannot be maintained, and movement that heretofore was easy in the covert way this group operated is harder and harder to sustain.

This group is failing. That is the answer to your question. Still, there will be those who wish to frighten you into fear-based action. It's sensational information, and it is easy for a Human to get attention when he is carrying something that says, "The sky is falling!"

It is the "shadow within" that is attracted to this, and the "I told you so" intellect that will wish to motivated the Human to examine the dark. This is why Humans are attracted to the sensational. It is balanced and appropriated, but the knowledge of how it works creates the truth--and then the wisdom to discern it creates the light.


Question: Dear Kryon, Why do we, as Humans, have difficulty loving ourselves? Isn't loving our total Self one of the most important tools for ascension?

Answer: Yes, therefore the test is working! Love of self and establishment of self-worth is something that Humans have to work at. It is all part of the hurdle that you face in finding the "God within." With the gradual buildup of the Indigo children, you have an entirely new attribute being given to Human consciousness. The children (as channelled before) arrive with a tremendous self-worth. Some even call them "head strong," not understanding exactly what the real attribute of this personality is. This is the beginning of Human types who will have far less trouble loving themselves than you have. Celebrate what you have done! Celebrate what you are becoming!

Sleep Loss

Question: Dear Kryon, Why is it that I can't go to sleep until late at night? I go bed at 2 a.m., but can't get to sleep until 4 a.m. I realize that I have very high vibes, but this slate sleeping in the morning is very inconvenient (I have a art-time job). My health is good, and I have the energy to do whatever I like. I'm an 82-year-old lady who's not used to these late nights!

Answer: Bless you for your question. Start celebrating your new biology! Your energy will not be affected adversely. What you are seeing is a gift of vibrational shift. Let the information of your biological age let others know that this process is available for all Humans and not just the ones who feel they are of an age of apparent productivity! It is a Human change, and is not proprietary to any age group.

Change your schedule to fit your passion. What is it you would like to do with the new awake hours you have been given? Start changing your habits around your new energy. Find new things to pass the time that you feel help yourself and others. Find new things to pass the time that you feel help yourself and other. Change what you are "used to." Fit your new life into the gifts you are being given, and do not make old energy comparisons to the new attributes. Who you are is not whom you are becoming.

Celebrate! These changes are real, and are here because you have asked for them.

Soul Names

Question: Dear Kryon, I would like to know my spiritual (or soul) name. How can I find what that name is?

Answer: There is nothing you can do to find that name. I have two bits of information to give you regarding this subject:

(1) No person on Earth actually knows his real "soul name." Some of you might have been given information on the sound or spelling of a Human name that would be more favorable to your personal energy as you walk your path. This has to do with spiritual Human help. It is actually not your soul name at all.

Did you ever wonder why some are given this information and others are not? It's a Human assumption that perhaps those who were given the information were somehow better spiritually. This is not correct. Humans who are given special information about their names are those who are simply helped to change the energy of how they are known, It helps them to move forward on their path. Most do not need this information, so the ones who got it were actually given a tool to help the in a special situation. Most of you do not see it this way, however.

Know therefore, that the "spiritual names" that many of you have been intuitively given are gifts from Spirit to help you change your energy. Here is something else: These Human energy-helping name changes are not permanent! Be aware that those of you who get them might have another given to you later--to match your changing vibrations. This change, of all things, shows you that these names are not the ones you have on the other side (where there is no change).

(2) We have given this information before: Dear ones, don't spend time on attributes that do not match the energy of your task here. Do you walk around life anxious that you cannot see into the inner sanctum of your body functions? No. You celebrate their workings and understand that they are a vital part of you. Then you let them work. It is the same for the name you have on the other side of the veil. It would not make any sense to you if you knew it. It is not something you say into the air. It is an energy, a color, and a message all in one. It is interdimensional and has a strong light complement.

With that explanation, do you really want to spend time trying to find it? Go back and revisit the parable of "Jason and the Cave." [Kryon Book Four]. It is a snapshot of why we do not even begin to explain some things, including your soul name.

Spiritual Energy

Question: Dear Kryon, Whenever I link up with you in meditation, or whenever I read a Kryon book or magazine, I experience beautiful emotions--totally based on love--that can be overwhelming. I do not get these feelings with any other entity, guide, or channel. I know that there is something special, and I treasure it, but I do not know why it should be so intense. I feel there must be a reason. Am I here to assist the Kryon group in some way, or is what I experience simply par for the course for those of us fortunate enough to experience your magic?

Answer: Simply stated, you are finally feeling the essence of "home." My overlay is that of love, even though I am the mechanic. When you feel these things, you are absorbing a piece of the truth of who you are and where you came from, and there is a tremendous feeling of "remembrance." As for no other channel giving this? You haven't looked far enough, for Spirit will always bring you love-based information in this fashion if you allow it. Kryon is only one of many who carry the overlay of the seeds of home. There is part of you that will resonate with my message, since we all are from the same place--a place of great majesty and love--and one where you long to be.

As far as assisting me? You assist me when you hold your light up high for all to see. You assist me when you hold your light up high for all to see. You assist me when you have tolerance for the intolerable. You assist me when you give intent for you Higher Self to talk to Spirit, and partner in a manner that heals your body. All these actions assist the whole, of which I am a part.

I am a piece of there great love energy that is life itself, and so are you! When you vibrate at a higher level, so do I! When you are filled with a welling-up of emotion over the feeling of home, you are feeling part of me. We are all allied, and the closer your vibration gets to my side of the veil, the more you will feel me.

We are family, you and I--and I speak to every pair of eyes that gives intent to read this transmission.

Vibrating higher

Question: Dear Kryon, You have talked before about the vibrational levels of our planet and ourselves. I would like to know what activities, behaviors, substances, and so on, help our vibrational levels. I would also like to know what hurts or hinders our vibrations. Thank you.

Answer: The answer to this question may sound too simple.

What hurts your vibrational growth are the following things:

1. Remaining in fear when you know the real truth of the way things work.

2. Worry!

3. Creating drama around things that are solvable without it.

4. Holding on to portions of your life that you know very well are of low vibration because you can't think of a way to exist without them.

5. Not trusting the angel/divinity within.

6. Having a wavering intent in spiritual matters.

What will assist your vibrational growth are the following things:

1. Claiming the power of your inner guidance.

2. Lack of worry (peace) about the future, and an absolutely "knowing" that all is well.

3. Creating peaceful circumstances around areas that have potential for drama.

4. Casting away inappropriate energies in your life that atone time might have seemed "sacred," but which now you can indeed live without.

5. Spending time with Spirit meditating in a new way: (a) celebration of everything that is happening to you (no matter what), (b) visualization of melding to your higher self, (c) continually asking, "What is it you wish me to know?" instead of trying to "outguess" what might be the solution to problems at hand.

6. Realization of self worth to facilitate the creation of pure intent.