Creating a Post Others Want to Read

A few quick tips on how to write posts that get your message across and invite others to respond.

  • Make your messages meaningful and appropriate.
  • Start new topics when you want to change the subject.
    • 25 words at least, more is better.
    • Trying for three complete sentences helps us dig deeper for the words that express more.
    • Questions encourage others to respond.
    • Your grammar and spelling doesn’t have to be perfect, but readable is
    • Using color and smileys adds a little zing to our forum.
    • Adding useful links inside your posts can be very helpful to others.
    • Even pictures and video can bring everything here to a new level.

If you love to write and have interesting things to say, and you enjoy starting new topics, remember to ask one of the admins, if you would like to be a Linker. Your writing would then also be included in the blog for our blog readers to enjoy. Who knows, you may create your own following! blush


6 Responses to Creating a Post Others Want to Read

  1. Scottf14 says:

    I agree. Posts need to be able to relate something, a thought, an emotion, a recipe; whatever they relate it needs to be at least one complete thought. Twenty-five words is plenty. Just look at the poetic form, the haiku. They will have less than 25 words but they can convey great meaning.

  2. jonathan says:

    Writing about something you are passionate about makes all the difference in the world. You won’t even feel it when you finished writing 25 words or more if you are passionate! Smileys and other such emoticons will only improve the writing and show the emotion you want portrayed. Images are always welcomed and video is great because some people prefer watching videos rather than reading something.

  3. stardisgate says:

    Thank you for this. It upsets me when I am trying to write and get my frustrations or feelings out and people expect it to be perfect. I think I am going to start a blog where people can just write what they are feeling. I love to write and feel free with what I am saying.

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