Crystal Therapy – Healing Properties of Amethyst

Crystal Therapy – Healing Properties of Amethyst by Mercedes Aspland

In this article we are going to look at what crystal therapy is, as well as the properties of amethyst. Once we have explored the properties of amethyst we will consider ways in which you can use it to your advantage and the conditions that can be helped by amethyst.

What is Crystal Therapy?

The principle behind crystal therapy is that each crystal has a specific energy. This energy acts on the body and the mind of a person and can result in a change of mental and physical health. The way in which crystals are used can very quite significantly but the basic idea is that a person comes into close proximity with a crystal on a regular basis. It is important to fully assess the situation to ensure you find the right crystal for your particular condition.

What are the Properties of Amethyst?

Amethyst is a crystal that belongs to the quartz family and can be found in places such as Brazil, Canada, Sri Lanka and East Africa. The stone is usually purple in colour however the shade can vary significantly from a very deep violet to light lavender that is almost translucent. It has been used in jewellery for a very long time and in particular can be seen in the Crown Jewels in England. It has also been worn by every pope since the sixteenth Century.

Healing Properties of Amethyst

When looking at the healing properties we can consider a number of different elements. In this section we will look at the general healing properties as well as folklore and what it has been used for in the past. Finally we will also consider how amethyst can be used in Feng Shui.

Amethyst is thought to be a stone of spirituality and can help with contentment and meditation as well as strengthening psychic abilities. Amethyst can also help with trust, flexibility and common sense. These are quite grounding properties that help a person to deal with a variety of changes they experience. In addition amethyst is associated with dream recall. It is also thought to be a stone of humility helping us to see ourselves in context and see the bigger picture. Due to its direct connection to the mind amethyst is actually the stone that is most recommended for people suffering from stress and it could also help with anxiety.

In terms of folk remedies it is also thought to strengthen the metabolism, immune system and circulatory system as well as bolstering production of hormones. In addition it is thought to be a useful remedy for headaches and also for balancing blood sugar levels in the body. One of the properties it is thought to have is that of sobriety meaning it can be useful for addictions such as alcohol, food and others. It can improve motivation and help people to achieve their goals and see them more clearly. Its properties are useful for people who have sleep problems including insomnia. Emotionally it is useful at getting rid of emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety.

In Feng Shui, amethyst can be used in a variety of different ways to bring you benefits. The main use is to bring about change and it can be used almost anywhere for this benefit. When used in the centre of the house or room it can be used to help bring balance in improve spirituality. When used in the North East it can help to bring about wisdom and knowledge.


If you are looking to use amethyst you can get a number of different benefits. However it is important to get your crystals from a reputable source to ensure they are genuine and have the effect that you are looking for.

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22 Responses to Crystal Therapy – Healing Properties of Amethyst

  1. Leila says:

    To get the full benefits of amethyst, what is the best way to wear it? Maybe, in a cage pendelum that was described in a previous entry? I am thinking about buying a piece of amethyst for my upcoming high stress job. Thanks for the information!

  2. Amanda says:

    My favorite way to wear any stones that I use for helping my energy field is in the form of beads in a long necklace around my neck right next to my skin. If you can, have the necklace long enough to hand to the middle of your chest or even longer, right over your heart or solar plexus chakras.

  3. chakralove1 says:

    I have a few crystals. I have been longing for a while now to get amethyst. This stone out of all the others is one that I see a lot of crystal users all ways have in there spiritual apparatus. I use some of my crystals in elixir form and to do deep meditation with in order to make significant changes in my life. I also place them on different areas of the body in order to heal certain chakra point that are closed -up. Amethyst has many properties that are beneficial that most people should learn about so they can also find a way to heal and balance their lives.

  4. warmweatherwoman says:

    Now this is something I have never tried but always been very interested in. I am in some definite need of some trust and flexibility and reading just that made me think- this has got to be for me. Thanks all to who commented above as well…i learned how to wear it because of your comments! I’ll be sure to update on how im feeling :)

  5. bluemoose3 says:

    This is interesting. I have always admired amethysts for their appearance, but maybe I have been drawn to them for their other properties as well without even realizing it! The use of amethyst in Feng Shui could definitely be useful for me.

  6. ipenipent says:

    I have always been fond of amethysts. Though they are not as expensive as more popular crystals, I think they are just as beautiful, if not more beautiful. I had no idea of its health benefits and will not be sure to buy one and wear it all the time! Maybe it’s been calling out to me, and thanks to this article I will finally get one!

  7. IndigoGemini says:

    Amethyst is a staple crystal to have in your crystal collection. I love to pair its energy with that of rose quartz. It amplifies that divine feminine energy within and showers you with loving pink light. I find Amethyst is very strong in any crystal grid and I use my Amethyst cluster in the center of a crystal grid. Its a good anchor for all the other crystals in the grid because it just amplifies nourishing energy. They are also gorgeous stones to look at!

  8. Laksefar says:

    I have a lot of crystals in my home. I also bring some with me when I go places.
    But I do keep their metaphisical properties in mind and select them on that basis.
    I’ve also visited a Reiki healer which has done wonders for me. It really feels like crystals can amplify the energies in and around you

  9. Kihluna says:

    My mother gave me a large piece of amethyst, its about the size of the palm of my hand. I`m not sure how to carry it around as it is too large for a necklace and very cumbersome in my pocket. I do sleep with it in my pillowcase sometimes which helps with stress.

  10. Bryan Cassidy says:

    I’ve never tried wearing a crystal but I have gone to a korean sauna and tried a variety of dry meditation techniques that have crystals throughout the room. I didn’t notice anything for a while but then I could feel the vibrations of the different crystals.

  11. dstarr says:

    This look really interesting and looks amazing to try. I’m gonna ask around about these crystals and see the health benefits and such. Nice article! Keep up the good work!

  12. WestCoastXO says:

    This is very interesting. I’ve heard of crystal therapy before but have never really looked into it. I’m glad I stumbled across this article. I never knew of the benefits of amethyst until now. Thank you very much for the enlightenment!

  13. Beside the computer right now I have several stones, one is an amethyst. It is an oval shape that I forgot I had. I have several desktop water fountains that don’t work anymore. Most of them have those fake stones in them you know, some look like river rock and so forth. I had set these out in the garage and forgot about them A few days ago, I picked one up and said oh yes, I remember you. I remember I had an amethyst in there. So I picked her up, she needed charging of course, but I said, well I’ll just let my own energy charge her. She was very cloudy and felt very rough on the outside although she is polished and shiny normally. So I just sit here at the computer, typing and feel my stones every so often, this one included. Within a day, she is much shinier, much smoother. She doesn’t get sun here. And now, a few days later, here she sits all super smooth, glowing and being awesome! Yes, I also love amethysts. :)

  14. kate86 says:

    I enjoy wearing a rose quartz bracelet, I have found it helps me stay calm and has a somewhat comforting affect on me. I was wondering what an amethyst might add to this. I am hoping to benefit from the anxiety relief amethysts may bring, as well as sobriety and focus. Would I want to wear both crystals at the same time, or is it better to use them separately?

  15. Unforgotten says:

    I sleep with a Rose quartz crystal under my pillow at night and find it helps me wake up refreshed for the morning. I tend to give my crystals away and receive them as gifts, that way you are trading energies and each crystal which has had a owner for some time gets its own personality. My last Amethyst stone is on a backpacking trip around the world right now! :)

  16. davbonpol13 says:

    We really have to be informed before beginning on the journey of wearing crystals and natural stones. I love the Amethyst and do believe it to be a very spiritual crystal. I made the mistake however of buying different stones before I knew what energy they carried. For example, the hemmatite stone is very grounding, so is good for a flighty person to help keep them grounded. But for me it was quit depressing, since I am already a grounded person. So be careful when chosing your jewelry!

  17. AVgirl says:

    Amethyst is so special.. thank you, Marlana, for devoting time and energy to writing about her magical ways! I wonder if you have any information on making gem essences? I’ve been interested in harvesting some of the energy from my some of my crystals (especially the special amethyst that I keep on my altar) so that I may share it with loved ones.

  18. rubydust says:

    I absolutely love stones and crystals, and have a vast collection of different ones. I love my amethyst, purely for it’s beauty, but it’s fascinating to learn of it’s healing properties.

    The aspect that appeals to me the most is that you mentioned it’s especially recommended for stress and anxiety. This is definitely something that I need help with. Now I know to always have my amethyst on stand-by!

  19. mercantile519 says:

    I have an amethyst on my keychain in hopes of it helping with my stress and anxiety. I’m thinking about getting one on a necklace for a stronger effect. There is an amethyst mine a few hours from where I live, and I’m going near there at the end of summer. I’m planning on picking up a couple when I go and make them into my own jewellery.

  20. mercantile519 says:

    Can you do one of these posts about turquoise? It’s my absolute favourite stone, and I almost always have one with me. I would love to learn more about it.

  21. jennmcleod01 says:

    My hubby and I love going to our local rock shops to pick out a few crystals each month. We have a small collection. I love the healing nature that amethyst gives off. The hubby and I eventually want to get rings made with some in it to replace our temporary wedding bands.
    Thank you for the wonderful post.

  22. secretgoldfish says:

    I never had this particular crystal before, but a little help with anxiety and stress is something everyone would be grateful for. I know I would. Thanks for the helpful article. I’ll definitely start paying more attention to this beautiful crystal.

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