Here on Earth? In Heaven?

This is such a meaty question I thought it needed its own topic here in our forum. If you are reading this in the blog, please come to the forum and join in the conversation. smile

  • Where are the angels?
  • If we are able to just imagine them and poof, there they are, then are they coming to Earth?
  • Where is Heaven?
  • Is Heaven a Place?
  • Do we only get there by dying?

What do you all think?

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  1. RomanAnthonysMama says:

    I will have to go ahead and check out the forum! When I think of angels, I think of them being in Heaven, and all around us. I believe that if we call upon them, they will be with us through difficult times. I believe Heaven is either in another universe, or is a spiritual place in our hearts that is very real, but maybe we cannot physically see until we are in another form. I think the main way you get there is through passing, but I think there are other experiences that can lead to seeing some parts of Heaven.

  2. ethandf5 says:

    I was thinking about this for a day… and I still have no answers. I guess that everything may be a changing subject, and maybe angels just lend us their strength or power. “Heaven is For Real” is a nice and charming read about this subject, a real story. I won’t give you any spoilers on it, but you guys know, hard questions are sometimes the best.

  3. karlpatrick_bayhon says:

    All I have to do is to wait for the right time for answers to wash all over me. Ignorance pays sometimes. Ignorance about all these things. It’s better not to know the answers for these questions because they will just defeat the true essence of angels, heaven, etc. This is just my opinion.

  4. JaySamson says:

    This is quite a hard topic to discuss! Personally, I believe angels are spirits who descend from heaven and decide to become bound to earth to complete a purpose. This purpose can be to help people in general, or to help a specific person (a guardian angel). I believe the term “angels” and “good spirits” can be used interchangeably.

    Do I think angels have wings, carry harps, and have halos? Not necessarily, but I do think they exist to some extent.

    As for Heaven existing, of course it exists! Where else does our spirit go once our body decomposes? And I also believe we have to die in order to reach heaven. We could have NDE (near-death experiences), but that’s only our spirit leaving our body and turning back before we reach Heaven – we never actually get there until we die.

  5. MedeaWakoski says:

    We’re all different people with different perspectives, I believe everyone has their own heaven.

    What I wished is that everyone believed we could achieve it on Earth, and that it’s not something we’re rewarded with after death. We would respect our planet more, and in return it would be beautiful for us. It would be heaven here on Earth. It’s possible.

  6. jonathan says:

    “Is Heaven a place? Do we only get there by dying?” I do think Heaven is a wonderful place that we already have inside of us. Unfortunately we need training to be able to enter it any time we want. It’s only in time of great enlightenment that a human can enter Heaven. I do not think that we need to be dead to go to Heaven.

    This is a place that can be visited anytime but because we aren’t really sure if it exists or not we are just focusing our energy on the wrong question. What is the wrong question? It’s “Does Heaven exist?”. Instead we should be asking: “How can I access Heaven right now?”.

  7. davbonpol13 says:

    What I have learned studying the Bible, is that the angels have to fight their way to earth to help us. The demons have reign over the earth in such a way that there is constant warfare going on for us! In the end Heaven will be right here on earth, but for the time beng it is where God resides, and we won’t know where that is till we need to.

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