How to Create a New Beginning

In the forum we have been talking about how that caterpillar becomes such a beautiful butterfly.

It’s like we get a new reboot every day, if we want to choose that for ourselves. I would even like to add that we are also able to change our intentions and even what we believe. Our beliefs become such a part of who we are that we often don’t even recognize them as something to be examined much less changed. Yet we can change so much about how our lives feel to us and our perspectives, by what we assume is true about ourselves, about the world and about people around us.

Assumptions are those beliefs that are so deeply set we aren’t even aware that we are assuming anything about anything. We think we are simply understanding a situation as it is. We often don’t recognize we are making an assumption until it turns out not to be accurate after all.

One common assumption we make is that others are just like we are. For example, if you are a kind and giving person, then you will often expect that others are kind and giving. This is what can sometimes set you up to be what is some refer to as naive or inexperienced. The same thing happens if you tend to be more anxious about people and worried about something bad that’s going to happen just around the corner, then you may be assuming that others also think the world is a scary place to be.

Here is link about beliefs on my site that may give you more insights into your own beliefs and how to begin to change them to beliefs that will make your life more enjoyable.

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  1. Lady350 says:

    I created a new beginning with my now husband. I was in a bad relationship with my ex-boyfriend, had to leave the state i was residing in with my family, and start over. I took my children and ran. We got us a house, enrolled into schools, and I obtained a job. We struggled of course because we had no support, but we held it together. My sister came to live with me and after 6 months, she brought me back home. She also introduced me to her friend’s brother who I later married. When we met, our new beginning was a start for him and a start over for me and the kids. All is well now.

  2. firelily99 says:

    We can start our lives, and our day, over at any time. Its about choosing something different, something fresh, a better way. Taking the time to sit and reflect throughout the day can be the difference between a day filled with misery and a overcoming obstacles with a positive attitude. Life only gives a chance for each twenty four hour gift. Its up to us to use that time wisely and in a positive way.

  3. brutal37138 says:

    Perspective is such an interesting phenomenon. The ability to take any situation and look at all the perspectives can be helpful tool in navigating today’s world. I have practiced this exercise before and it can be tremendously helpful!

    If you want it to directly impact your life on a daily basis, just spend some time thinking about day to day situations from others perspectives. If you take the time to imagine the world from others eyes, you can begin to see the way the world really is. Imagine thinking of the world through the eyes of the person that check you out at the store. Your encounter with that person was brief, but how was the experience for them. They’ll probably forget it, especially once they go home and tend to their own family. But viewing the world from others eyes, just like this, can help a person see more fully!

  4. wylder chase says:

    I think deep down we all have a happy switch. In moments when life gets you down and things aren’t going your way a choice arises: complain or regain. Now that I have reached maturity I take a deep breath and reframe my thoughts to look at the current situation with an open mind. The foundations of individual beliefs create the lens by which we view the world, if that lens is distorted with assumptions and expectations the possible outcomes of action will be limited. One might assume that people are inherently good, but experience teaches otherwise. All moments and interactions with people are equally important in the spiritual realm, unfortunately we enter them with only the information we possess at the time leading to the common maxim “If only I would have know I would have done that differently.” Intuition is a powerful human gift, trust it, and if doubt arises that could be a warning sign.

  5. jcairns82 says:

    I create new beginnings in every moment of my life. I connect this belief with Buddhism. We are never the same person in two moments. I like to remember this during times of struggle and intense change. By releasing myself of any attachment to the moment, I can just recognize that it’s part of the evolution of me.

  6. firelily99 says:

    Approximately four years ago I was given the gift to affect a colossal do over with my life. I had been dissatisfied with the way things were going and how I was feeling for a very long time and decided I needed to start a new path for myself. It hasn’t been easy and progress at times is painfully slow but change has happened, especially in my emotional and spiritual worlds.

  7. heavnsangel79 says:

    I remember my mother telling me throughout my childhood that no one is like me. I would complain that someone in my class did not think like me or have the same attitude towards a situation and she would always remind me of this. I have a positive attitude on most days of my life, but understand that not all people have that same insight into their own life. People do have the power to alter their own destinies, but it depends on their inner peace, strength, and will.

  8. Leila says:

    Sometimes it is easy to forget that a new day brings new chances. I try to remember that all things are in the past and the new day brings new possibilities to me. How do you encourage others of this fact, though? I have an unhappy co-worker who desperately needs a new beginning. She tends to dwell on previous days and bad things. I would love to help guide her to this knowledge, but am not sure what to say.

  9. fairydust007 says:

    I’ve created new beginnings in certain aspects of my life. This year, it is my goal to make a full new beginning in all aspects of my life. I know I will be happier. I think your site and forum have the ability to really help me through this.

  10. Amanda says:

    I’m so glad you have found your way here. I enjoy the beginning of a new year, that fresh-start feeling is so full of hope and promise. Creating your world full of people who support you in your growth can be vital to maintining that fresh-start feeling throughout the year.

  11. warmweatherwoman says:

    Thank you for this post. I am told alot by my significant other that I assume way to much..believe what I assume and go with it. I need to learn to curb that because like you said..I don’t even know when im doing it. My new years resolution consisted of learning and being able to forgive..and now im attention to my assumptions..and clarify if they are assumptions or fact. Thanks again!

  12. Tracy says:

    Your overview of beliefs is wonderful to read. I sometimes need to do presentations at work and I have a bit of fear and trepidation prior to the presentation. I understand that it is an emotional reaction to my belief that I will do poorly and my audience will judge me. I am working on changing this belief!

  13. Amanda says:

    Exactly how it works. We create emotions based on we are thinking about, which is often based on our beliefs and assumptions. So powerful.

  14. angelicagapit says:

    As the famous Roman ruler and philosopher, Marcus Aurelius, said, “Everything today is a seed of what will come tomorrow.”

    It’s very important to create a new beginning, especially if you need to change your lifestyle. There are different aspects you need to look upon in your life: your physical self, your emotional self, and your spiritual self. Try to improve all of those aspects in order to improve your life!

  15. IndigoGemini says:

    Oh this whole post is just full of love light and inspiration!
    I’ve been working on an emotional fast until April 20 walking the desert and facing the beliefs that I have consciously and unconsciously set in my mind. From programming since childhood. I realize through all these comments that everyday I make a choice to move forward and reclaim my mind and create the life that best serves my happiness! Thank you all for the encouragement and support. Its no coincidence that we all found ourselves here. We are kindred souls.


  16. ipenipent says:

    Great article, perspective is very prominent in this. Although may think new beginnings are impossible, I think the way you look at it has great importance. I love getting a new reboot every day thing, it’s like if we’ve made mistakes in the past we always have a chance to fix them or better ourselves!

  17. HalfCrazedWriter says:

    Since I am about to go through some major changes in my life, this really spoke to me. I believe that my problem is often not the change or the circumstances leading to it. Most of the time, it is the how I perceive it and react to it. This has given me something to think about, that maybe it is time to reflect on changing myself from within.

  18. dstarr says:

    When we graduate high school they tell us we have our whole lives in front of us. Whether we’re off to college, exploring the world, or entering the work force, we begin a whole new chapter. Independence.

  19. WestCoastXO says:

    Every now and then I try to reflect on where I’m at in life, realistically, spiritually, etc. I’m at a point in my life where I’m making a lot of big decisions that will impact my future and the rest of my life. I’m always working on bettering myself, which led me to coming here! I always embrace new beginnings and I plan on never ending this ambition.

  20. jonathan says:

    I also feel like I am given the chance to hit reboot each day and start anew! All my past decisions have no saying today because I am free to choose who I want to be right now! I can choose to believe what I always did and I will end up where I’ve always ended up or I can change my beliefs and accept new ones that may lead me in a new direction.

    We can all create a new beginning every single day of our lives! It’s just a matter of choosing to do so and realizing we are capable of doing it. Every day is a miracle for each of us! Let us live it, embrace it and turn into a new beginning!

  21. JGPangi says:

    I love this article, it gives such a positive outlook to the start of the day. As soon as we open our eyes every morning, we should always be positive and excited, and we should take care to remain that way as well. I am almost always an early riser, even when I’ve worked most of the night, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to me to start the day off with good conversation over a healthy breakfast. It just sweeps away any of yesterday’s lingering negative thoughts and prepares me for what lies ahead.

  22. Shiditios says:

    I feel that positive emotions and feelings just make for a more positive lifestyle and will make you feel happier with yourself. I really like your philosophy on “new beginnings” and your ideals on beliefs in your article.

  23. fortunado30 says:

    I create new beginnings by forcing myself to have a positive outlook on life even when things do not go right or everyone appears to be against you. I think personal perception of things is the first start to a new beginning because it is important to remain positive and persevere. My new beginning started when my son was born.

  24. stardisgate says:

    I just recently had to start over. I got rid of just about everything from my previous life. I am happy that I got a fresh new start, but at the same time, it is kind of discouraging. I look at all I used to have and realize that I have to now start over again.
    I do agree that we expect others to be just like us. Just because one person can do it all, doesn’t mean another person can.

  25. mrsbrodt says:

    This post really hit home to me. I am currently in the process of starting over in a new country and it has been really difficult. It can be very discouraging when things do not work out as I had envisioned them prior to the change. But I am starting to realize that if I want to succeed in my new environment, that I have to learn to let go of those things that were holding me back before. Thanks for providing some feedback and a pathway that I can use to held forward on my journey.

  26. kate86 says:

    Thank you for the post. I enjoyed the list of beliefs, because as I went through it, I was surprised by which ones I actually did pick out. A lot of these things were beliefs that I would never readily admit, but that I actually do believe. When I looked at it as a collective, it wasn’t pretty. I guess it is time to make some changes!

  27. davbonpol13 says:

    I feel fortunate when it comes to starting over. I have done this many times in my life and have had lots of practice! Due to my circumstances, which I have created, I have had to start over so many times that I began to think I may never settle down. I know now that I am not meant to settle down and get comfortable. I am a creature of change and believe that I now have a great plan for a future that will be constantly changing. My husband and I will be paying of our house i a few years, then we will sell it and buy a killer RV! We are fortunate enough to be retired at an early age, so the road will be our home soon! Super excited about this!

  28. jennmcleod01 says:

    Every 3 months I try to look at what has happened in my life and the decisions I’ve made and see if I regret anything. If I do I tweak my myself ever so slightly and try again at being the best person I can. For example: I currently know that I over think about how others view me.
    I’m learning to brush those feelings off. I know that the loves I choose to be around love me not matter what.
    Thank you for the article.

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