My Eyes

marlanajupteal130Yes, I am legally blind. This is a picture of my last Guide Dog, Jupiter. He has now gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but he has left his paw prints on the hearts of many of our clients. If you receive Marlana’s Light Thoughts, you will hear his own stories and lessons learned in his own words. (warm smile).

I see about a tenth of what most people see. I was born with cataracts. They were removed many times before I was two years old. I have had about a dozen eye surgeries. I have always seen about the same as I do now, though I do think it may be getting slightly worse with age.

It is hard to describe how my vision is because it is constantly changing. I can see much more if the light is coming from behind me than if it is in my face. I can see better if the contrast is very diastinct. I have never quite understood if my vision would be blurry to you if you suddenly saw the world  through my eyes. I think it would be though. I have talked with people who have experienced going blind over a few years and they say it is like looking through wax paper.

I have recently realized in the late 1990’s that I cannot distinguish what I am seeing with my physical eyes and what I am seeing with my psychic eyes. I just know that sometimes what I think I see isn’t there when I reach for it, and sometimes I think I see a person a certain way and it isn’t even close to what they physically look like… yet as I get to know that person I discover that I saw them as they presented themselves on another plane.

Here’s an example of that: Forrist, my business partner, told me I would be meeting a man later on in the day, and all I knew was that he was a healer of some kind, I had no other information at all. A while later the man was there and I shook his hand, and he spoke to me. I heard him speak with an Indian accent… Dot not feather kind of Indian, (smile)  And he had a turban on and his skin was very dark, his energy was soft and sweet and I instantly wanted to be near him and ask him deep spiritual questions. I took all of this in without much thought. I usually get streams of information whenever I hear a voice on the phone or touch someone etc. Forrist and I walked out to the car to go on to lunch with plans to return later.

Forrist asked me what I thought about the healer. I told him my impressions only I didn’t describe him physically since I knew Forrist could see him just fine. We ate lunch and Forrist asked me again what I thought of this man… I almost became impatient as to why Forrist would ask me about this man again. Then I said something about his skin being very dark.

Forrist was puzzled and said, “But his skin is very pale white” I argued with him and said of course it was quite dark, and reminded him of his accent. Forrist said that there was no accent, that this man is quite American. Then I wanted to know about the white turban on his head…. there was no turban.

I was so convinced of what I had seen and heard, I was amazed at how different it was from what Forrist described. I knew I had to be seeing this man with my Inner Vision more than my physical vision. I was so glad to learn that this healer was coming back again later on that evening so we would get to spend some time with him.

I was amazed and a bit disappointed when I met him again… no Indian accent, no turban, no dark skin… not even all that great to spend time with. I finally decided that I must have seen him when he was coming directly from a healing session and that maybe he was channeling someone that I picked up on and that’s how he did his healing work. I don’t have any other answers to it, I just know that situations like this one have happened many times throughout my life.

I know that seeing with my physical eyes is something that I would like to experience, and maybe I will. This is one of the main reasons I became interested in Theta Healing and working with the DNA. Because my eye condition is hereditary, it is in my family and therefor in my DNA. So far I haven’t figured out how to heal myself. I did experienced changes while working on my eyes; sensitivity to sunlight and my psychic vision has increased. Now things seemed to have stabilized. I am in a space of openness to find the combination that will bring my vision to 20/20. Yet, I can honestly say that I know this work is real even if it doesn’t apply to my eyes. I know it has worked for other issues with me and that’s why I keep working with it with myself and with others.

I know that having low vision all my life has pushed me to see in other ways. I know that I do see in great detail what others may miss. In fact I have worked with Scripps Integrative Medicine Department to create a workshop all around teaching others to “see” energy. The Healing Touch program is prevalent there, and they were ecstatic when they discovered that I could see the energy they were teaching people how to move and balance with  patients. I was known as “The blind lady that teaches others to see.”