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Listen to how Erica describes her experience of a DNA Activation done by Marlana through Email...

Most of us have heard of the DNA. Some of us have heard that there are two physical strands that scientists recognize. What Energy Healers and other spiritual people are beginning to understand is that we have non-physical strands of DNA also. [ See the Kryon's information regarding DNA.]

NOTE: Energy work, in general is about intention. When I do this work, I still call it DNA Activation because that's the term people use, but I believe many people are choosing to activate themselves prior to asking me to do it. So, what I'm actually doing is verifying your DNA Activation, and then I activate your Youth and Vitality Chromosomes.

Also: You may see many variations of DNA Activation based on various numbers of strands to be activated. The way I cover all these changing and evolving schools of awareness, is to hold my intent on activating your DNA completely, regardless of what we THINK we know about how it needs to be activated. As always, I add into everything I do the intent for the highest and best good and that the work be done with grace and ease.

These non-physical strands are all about spirituality, psychic gifts, emotions, memories and anything and everything non-physical in our lives. Even though I'm talking about a very scientific area here, I make no claims of being a scientist, even a little bit. What I knows is what I see energetically, and my own experiences and what others report.

Here are some things that MAY happen after your DNA Activation:

  • Some notice a substantial increase in psychic abilities. Some experience a flu-like feeling as your body begins detoxifying
  • If you are in a toxic relationship, you may find it ending.
  • If you are in a healthy relationship, you may find it getting stronger.

Some people notice very little difference. Some sources say that it may take up to three years for the DNA to be completely activated. The children being born since the mid 1990's or so, are being born with their DNA completely activated. These are the ones you may be hearing about called Indigo Children, "Star Seed" or "Star Kids". They have amazing psychic abilities and they know they are divine. Of course, how these children are raised plays a huge role in how well they grow up to accept and manage their awareness, or even if they remember their innate divinity as adults.


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