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I have heard more and more about psychic kids. I had not really thought a lot about how isolated so many of them may feel, and how challenging it must be for their families to know how handle their abilities. ThrnrnThis video is so well done. It really shows how important it is to find others who validate what’s happening for you and support what’s going on in your world. As we develop our psychic abilities we need education as well as support and validation that truly makes our own skeptical side dare to believe.rnrn rnrn

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  1. Scottf14 says:

    When I was growing up I felt a very special kinship with plants to the extent that I could almost hear voices. My parents thought that I was, ‘lonely’ and ‘a nut.’ I stopped bothering to tell them what the trees talked about and as I got older I stopped hearing them altogether. That was kind of sad.

  2. MoBowen says:

    I’ve seen several episodes of this Psychic Kids show. I was also very surprised at how secluded they feel from their peers. But then again, it makes sense.

    When I was a kid I was interested in paranormal topics very early on. I didn’t think I was psychic. But I do believe I had a ghost in my house. From the age of 11-13 I suffered terribly with insomnia because I never felt comfortable sleeping for long periods of time.

    Telling my friends didn’t help. They all teased me and told me I was just afraid of the dark. I actually love sleeping in a completely dark room, so darkness has never frightened me.

    Anyway, when I first started watching this show I was happy to see that these kids had help in both honing their skills and learning how to deal with the people around them. I think it’s important that their parents were also schooled on these topics. It’s one thing to be teased by other children… it’s even worse when your parents dismiss the things that are affecting you.

  3. reiki says:

    These children are so special and no one sees it but at the same time maybe it is best that people don’t see it because there is people out there that would take advantage of these special children and that would cause major problems worldwide for other special children and the general public. l’m not trying to come across as a alarmist but the truth is we have no control really when it comes to this grey area.

  4. PhiliaFelice says:

    It’s sad because these kids would be secluded and then they can also be taken advantage of especially when they feel so vulnerable. They have a gift that needs to be nurtured, but they have all these other issues that need to be taken care of first.

  5. MedeaWakoski says:

    It’s really an issue how psychic kids are treated in society today. They’re sent to doctors to be given medication, so they can function as much as they can in school, but really that is no environment for a psychic child. It’s abuse.

  6. Luv4ever says:

    I really believe people should come together and show them support. I’m glad they have a show about it. The show gives outsiders who judge them a different look that could potentially open their minds. So many kids try to ignore it for fear of not being accepted. I use to see a few things that I really don’t like to talk about and my mom didn’t believe me, but she was never rude or mean. I could always talk to her about it and she’d try to understand. I started pushing away from it as I got older because I knew people would think I was crazy.

  7. Asport says:

    Children who have these special abilities are often viewed as having mental disorders, because the majority of the population does not and cannot understand the connections that they have. We as adults have already been tainted by what society views as real or true and what society views as an illusion or untruth. However, children’s souls and spirits have not been tainted by societal views, thus making them extremely special individuals. People fear what they cannot see, hear, or touch. These children need support, love, and understanding. The rest of society needs education on this sensitive subject.

  8. Zoelander says:

    You’re right- this video is very well done. Thank you for sharing it! This actually makes me wonder how many adults are among us, surprising psychic abilities that they were born with due to how they were treated as a kid. It is painful to think about the natural abilities we have, as a society, squelched due to the fact that we don’t understand a child or adolescent.

    Hopefully, with exposure such as this video and this blog, we can begin to nurture, rather than suppress, this wealth of ability in our young people!

  9. jcairns82 says:

    I really wish someone had taken the time to talk more to me about having psychic gifts. I just felt really alone and frankly quite crazy. It wasn’t until I met other empaths that I realized that I wasn’t the only one who could read emotions so easily on people. I’m glad that there’s a show like this that helps to expose some of this to other kids.

  10. Lady350 says:

    I believe all children are psychic. Just certain ones know how to tap into their brains to enhance their abilities. I say this because my sister, at the age of 3, asked about our adopted grandfather for 3 days. She wanted to see him, go over his house, or call him. Finally someone began to call him and he didn’t answer. When they went to his house to check on him, he was dead and had died 3 days prior. This scared my sister, so this is probably why she lost her psychic connection. It happened to my son also. He asked his dad to go over to a friends house. The friend was my husband’s friend and my son hardly ever goes over there. Well he took him and he wasn’t home. This was rare for him to not be home in the evenings. He back the next day and found out that his friend was in the hospital. This friend died that next day. It was the end of March and his dying wish was for it to rain. Well on March 31st, there was a blizzard, the day of his death.

  11. brutal37138 says:

    This reminds me of theories that one day humans will all have some form of psychic ability. I believe it had something to do with overall evolution and how it may be the next step. I would suppose that concept has to start somewhere :)

  12. NRiz says:

    This is very interesting. This is actually my first exposure to psychic children. I wasn’t aware they existed to be honest. I always thought of psychics as somewhat of a gimic. I definitely feel for these kids. I wasn’t a psychic but I know what it feels like being outcast. Nice to see this topic getting some exposure. Thanks

  13. firelily99 says:

    We are born with so many abilities but loose them because they aren’t nurtured or celebrated. We are all creative beings and yet as we get older it gets pushed away and the time is spent in school on subjects that aren’t very interesting. I have no doubt that kids have psychic energy and the key for them is someone took them seriously.

  14. firelily99 says:

    What special kids and how incredibly difficult it must be for them with their unique abilities!

  15. Astdua says:

    It’s a big shame that instead of helping them develop, society shuns and isolates these children, making them feel unwanted and secluded. I wonder how many of them end up with broken a broken life…
    I’ve always knew that these type of children exist, and they have been among us since at least a few decades, some label them “indigo children”.

    It should be noted that younger people and children in general seem to be far more spiritually aware and connected to the universe, and as we grow up, we lose our touch with the spiritual.

  16. IndigoGemini says:

    I think this is a very interesting topic these days. I feel more and more children are coming into this world with these special abilities and the conditioning of the world will no longer be able to stifle their growth as it has done to many. I was lucky enough to live a nomadic childhood, going back and fourth in different environments. It helped my imagination to see many perspectives to life at a young age.
    Its difficult but open minded parents are usually ready to receive a starseed child, they were born for that purpose. I am feeling more and more that is my purpose here too.

  17. ipenipent says:

    Psychics of such young age certainly is an interesting topic. It’s scary not knowing what to do with them or which direction to point them in. It’s hard to tell whether you’re doing them good or bad! Hopefully their own spirituality can help guide them though.

  18. jonathan says:

    Unfortunately this video is no longer available, but I do agree that this is an extremely interesting discussion. When your children have these wonderful abilities you as a parent should be guided through what it is that you should be doing to actually encourage these gifts.

    Also, the children need guidance with their new found “powers”, otherwise they risk becoming recluses that do not learn to appreciate and improve their psychic abilities.

  19. JGPangi says:

    Aww, the link seems to have expired, but I’ll try to check it out on Youtube. My husband was a psychic kid himself, and he sees spirits even now. I, on the other hand, am rather blind to psychic anything. Now that we have a baby on the way, it just makes me happy to know that there will be someone there for him or her just in case they have a ‘third eye’ as well.

  20. stardisgate says:

    I believe kids are able to reach a different plan of existence than we are. It would make sense. They see and believe more than we do. They are also pure. I think one much be completely pure in order to have these psychic abilities. Well pure to a point. Children notice a lot more about the world than we do.

  21. davbonpol13 says:

    I have had the priviledge of having psychic children and grandchldren. Some examples of this are, when my oldest daughter was very small, age four, she would know as soon as we got into the car, where we were going and who we would see there. Later, her daughter also demonstrated the same ability. My granddaughter at around the same age, actually said what I was thinking once or twice, and still does. Also, when me and my oldest daughteer would sleep in the same bed, we would dream the same dreams! We enjoyed having this close connection, and have this kind of connection to this day!

  22. AprilMHunt says:

    Sadly, the video you shared has been taken down, but I have seen information on them before. I think there’s so much in our world we can’t even begin to imagine. There’s things that only a few of us can see. It will be interesting to see if these types of phenomenon continue to increase.

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