Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection is Imagination Plus Intention

Many of you may have heard of psychic protection, but may not know what it involves or how to make it happen. I hope to make it very simple and clear not only how to do this for yourself, but how to recognize when you need protection.

First of all, let’s remember that we are talking about working with energy, so everything that I describe in this article is what happens on an energetic level. What I mean by that is that it’s what you can experience or know with your inner senses. We all have some level of imagination skills and that’s where you start. Become more familiar with your own inner vision, hearing and knowing.

One of the best ways to begin to understand what inner senses feel like is to remember a place you’ve been before, like the beach for example. Remember what it looked like on a specific day you were there? See the water? Was it sunny or cloudy? As you are remembering this event feel the sand? The wind? Hear the gulls or the surf? Those are your inner senses. Some people don’t see pictures or hear sounds, and that’s just fine, there’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t. That just means your modality is probably kinesthetic or something else. You may remember what direction you were facing, or how your body felt.

The point is that you become familiar with what works for you, and use the inner senses that work for you. One sense is not better or worse than any other. Seeing and hearing are more common, so that tends to be what people refer to most, so those who don’t use those sense first can sometiems feel worried that they don’t have an imagination, or that something is wrong with them.  Now you know, that just isn’t how it works. (gentle smile)

Is Psychic Protection Really Necessary? 

Generally speaking, yes, it’s a good idea, and it can’t hurt. I like to think of protecting myself much like wearing a coat in the winter time, or carrying an umbrella in the rain. If I don’t, I’m exposed to the weather. In this case, If I don’t protect myself energetically, I’m leaving my own psychic field exposed to whatever energies I may encounter.

The next thing to remember about working with energy is that it’s all about intention. The clearer you are about who and what you will allow into your space, the better you will be able to protect yourself. I have a very specific standard when I work with other energies such as spirit guides, for example. I hold the intention that only those guides with a higher vibration than my own are allowed into my space. Period.

Setting a boundary like that is a little like making choices about who you will choose as friends in your daily life. We all have certain values and ways of being and even if we aren’t aware of them, we draw and push away people according to those values. Becoming aware can clarify your boundaries in both existences.

Psychic Protection is as Simple as Imagination

If you can imagine the sun, then you can protect yourself psychically. You don’t have to necessarily see a ball of white or golden light in your mind’s eye, you may feel it or just know it. Don’t get hung up on how your imagination works. Just imagine a ball of white light and get inside of it. If you feel like it’s too small, make it bigger, stronger, thicker walls, adjust it however you like. If you want your ball of light to be purple or golden, go for it! You are the owner of your inner world.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to protect yourself, then I am glad to help you with my filtering shields. You may also need more intense protection if you suspect you are being bothered by entities, having nightmares, have reason to believe someone has cursed you or is using black magic against you.  What I’ve described above is very elementary, but can usually work just fine if you are not having any specific issues that make you suspect you are drawing some serious negative energies into your space.

In a nutshell, practice using this white-light technique to get you started. If you suspect something more negative is going on and you need even more psychic protection just let me know.