Science Behind psychic abilities?

There are a few scientific explanations for and against psychic phenomena. I always enjoy a little science when it makes sense to me. This video with Michael Talbot, is an excerpt of an interesting concept that we may each have a holographic image of the universe within ourselves enabling us to read each other psychically. What do you think?


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  1. jcairns82 says:

    What a great video and you’ve definitely sparked my interest in the science debate around psychic abilities. I find it to be one that just continues to drag on. Nobody forces religious people to scientifically prove their beliefs, so why do psychics need to?

  2. firelily99 says:

    Interesting video, the question of psychic abilities and science has been going on for a very long time. I would think that psychics would want to prove their beliefs not only to gain validation but to eliminate those who are only saying that they are psychic.

  3. brutal37138 says:

    I think anything that evokes the idea that there may be more hidden in our bodies is absolutely fascinating. To think that we are encoded with more information that we’re capable of understanding makes you really think about what the future holds for us. How will we evolve in the future? Will we be able to hone these abilities as humans spend more time the universe. I wish I could be here to find out!

  4. wylder chase says:

    The most interesting aspect of this video to me was the distinguishing between quantum levels of being and electromagnetic ones. The holographic idea is new to me and I am so glad to have found this here, it will lead to another adventure in thought. At the core of all things is a mystery, science is there to divine the riddle. Is intuition a psychic ability or does one really need to be able to read the future to be considered psychic? One thing that might relate well to this topic is deja vu. I feel that when I get deja vu I am at a crossroads, somewhere in the near future or in the moment I must make a choice, whatever that choice is it will lead to variant outcomes. It always feels like I’ve had a dream about the negative outcomes that occur or sometimes the positive ones. I wonder if the brain, subconsciously of course, can play out all of the options related to the particular place you find yourself that day and by thus experimenting with the outcomes in dreams the brain itself sets us up to better understand our personal narrative. This to me represents the holographic potential of the brain. The question being raised about whether it is a function of the brain or some outside omniscient universal force that guides this process will be debated for the ages, if science can catch up to that though human beings are in for a great new golden age. I found this video stimulating…thank you for posting

  5. firelily99 says:

    Science can be useful for taking a lot of uncertainty out of things and shedding a new light on a confusing subject. The video was excellent in that it gave various explanations on the phenomena of psychic ability and how it occurs.

  6. butterflyfree says:

    Psychic abilities, and other phenomenon such as that come from a spiritual connection. There was a time when science denounced all these events as a gimmick and “not possible.” Now that it clearly isn’t the case, they try to find a way to explain it. When it comes to science, they can always bend the rules for things to make sense the way they want it to. Rather than seeking guidance spiritually, they get “experts” to explain these amazing experiences

  7. angelicagapit says:

    My best friend and I seem to have mental telepathy, if that’s even possible. We do things at the same time, we realize things at the same time, and sometimes we do reactions at the same time.

    People find it surprising and entertaining, whereas my best friend and I just find it hilarious.

    I do wonder if this is just a coincidence or if it really is science?

  8. ipenipent says:

    Oh boy, science. I love when science explains such phenomenons! It especially makes me happy because of its grabbing power to those who were once skeptical! Great video, I hope a lot of people look more into psychic abilities and their healing powers!

  9. Bryan Cassidy says:

    I love this video. It reminds me of what the bleep do we know. If you haven’t watched the video I highly recommend it. You can find it for free on YouTube. I don’t ever use science as a basis for how I act but I find it’s incredibly useful for developing conceptual knowledge.

  10. jonathan says:

    Science does offer us a lot of answers to questions that would otherwise remain unanswered. But, the question is “What if some scientific facts are not as we understand them to be?”. What if in 5-10 years we learn that some of our scientific based facts and ideas are false?

    This has happened a lot before and it will happen again in the future because of new discoveries in different fields. I know it’s better to believe in something that at least seems to be based on some hard fact, but the question remains.

    Relating the the video, me and my wife seem to have some sort of telepathy. Just earlier today I was thinking that she might like to eat an apple and when I went to ask her she said she wanted and apple! And things like this happen on a regular basis between us!

  11. davbonpol13 says:

    This was a very enlightening video, I will have to watch it a few times to get the most out of it. So far it has made me think about how connected we all are, I believe our minds are linked in some way. It also reminded me of Kirlian Photography which photographs the life force in people. I love the example I saw of this once. There were two people with their thumbs placed on the slide, you could see the energy produced by the two people seperately, then the two were asked to kiss which caused the energy to increase in intensity!

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