Self Empowerment

All healing comes from within. Whew! Now that takes some courage to let this one sink in.

Healing begins with Intent and a decision. So far so good… From this place of personal responsibility, we enter into a process. Yes, healing IS a process. Time after time we watch deep healing occurring when people pick up powerful healing tools and apply them.

There are times when a facilitator can be helpful in breaking through a block, “clearing away the boulders”, or awakening us to our internal tools, gifts and power. Sometimes we are able to help ourselves with just a nudge from a book or a friend’s words of wisdom. This Self-help section presents links to tools that you can use, today. Like all tools, nothing happens unless you USE the tool. Another little detail is that the same tool doesn’t apply in every situation.

Be gentle with yourself. Be patient. Stick to it. Ask for help when you need it.

Here is one tool we used in our own life to help relax and allow changes to happen with a little more ease.

The Heart Math Institute has developed a series of effective methods for managing stress, eliminating anxiety and leading a life based upon heart intelligence.  “A change of heart changes everything.

What is Reality?

5 Responses to Self Empowerment

  1. caparica007 says:

    I do believe that healing comes from within. The first step to any kind of cure is the realization that we are in fact ill. I have several books I read from, sometimes it just takes to read a paragraph to feel that inspiration that puts your mind back in the right track.

  2. Dreek Lass says:

    Yes, I have to agree with all of the points that were made in this post. All healing does come from within, as does everything else. We manifest what we feel. There are many different ways of saying it, and there are many different ways of relieving those blockages within ourselves.

    Some methods may work for others and may not work for you. You have to find the catalyst that works and resonates with you.

    I have been using something called EFT for a number of years now. EFT, for those that are unfamiliar with it stands for: Emotional Freedom technique. It operates on the premise of acupuncture, but EFT is not acupuncture. It is acupressure. You tap on your many meridians whilst saying a positive affirmation. The process involves the act of accepting yourself, forgiving yourself, and loving yourself despite whatever illness or discomfort you have manifested within yourself.

    I used to suffer from a crippling anxiety disorder and think God for EFT, because without it I don’t know where I would be. I realize that even without EFT I still has all of the power in which I needed to heal myself of this anxiety disorder, but EFT was the physical catalyst for which I accepted healing changes within myself. Some people merely have to burn incense sticks in order for them to let go of negativity and blockages, because the belief in the tool is so strong that it works. Others will turn to crystals. I have found that crystals also work for me. But I am aware that they only work because I believe that they will work. And so I am the common denominator in all of these tools.

    All healing comes from within, but it is up to the individual as to what tool they resonate with the most.

  3. jonathan says:

    I think we should all ask for help when we need it and not be stubborn and always try to figure things out on our own. And yes, healing does come from within us all. We are our best doctor or so to say. We have the power to heal ourselves if we choose to do so. If our mind is aligned with what we feel, then the healing process is going to be faster.

  4. It all starts with self awareness. Heck, I even analyzed that I had passed this level, that layer. Over the years I would self analyze myself to death and it took me many years to stop that. I am much freer now. I am simply me, BEing what I am, that multidimensional flow ~ er of energy. :)

  5. rubydust says:

    Many people simply do not realise that they have the power within themselves to bring about healing. They feel powerless – they visit doctors, counsellors or other types of healers. They expect to be able to take a pill or be magically cured. If only more people realised that they were able to take on the responsibility of healing for themselves, it would save so much needless frustrating and anguish.

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