Karmic Cords

Listen to what Kelly says about her experience with Marlana and clearing Karma:

My personal understanding of how these cords are constructed is based solely on my own intuition after having spent many hours working with karma and karmic energy. With that said, let’s play with this way of understanding karmic cords: As we connect with other people and objects we have patterns of relating. These patterns become crystallized and hardened like a rope made of millions of very thin threads going back and forth, back and forth over a long period of time. When I see these cords they look like ropes, usually dark gray to black in color. Some cords are thicker than others, I interpret this as an indicator of how much time and intensity occurred there.

Having karmic cords with someone is neither good nor bad. It simply means you have spent time with that person. Clearing the karmic cords is a good idea simply because it clears the energy between two people so that whatever is going on in a relationship you know it is more about NOW rather than from a past life experience. That means that clearing karma is a god idea in all kinds of situations, not just if you are finished with a relationship, but also if you want to give your current relationship a fresh start.

I have also noticed that objects and even events and businesses can also have karmic cords especially if they have been handed down for many generations. We don’t even need to understand the story about where the cords are coming from or where the other end of the cord connects. We simply clear it.

Many people notice a feeling of lightness, freedom and more energy. Some feel a sense of relief in the knowledge that old energy is less likely to be intruding on the present moment.