Soul Age: Old Souls, Baby, How Old Are You?

Yet another interesting discussion going on in our Forum. We are talking the Michael Messages and how he describes soul development. I certainly resonate with the phases of the soul. I just had a grandson born and instantly sense that he is a very old soul. I don’t know exactly what it is about people that tells me “how old” they are, but I seem to get a fairly good idea of soul age. Maybe it is the fear vs love level Michael mentions, I am picking up on. hmmmm confused I’ll have to ponder that for awhile. I know it’s about a sense of calmness and acceptance of handling life’s situations. Old souls seem to glide through life dramas with a bit more grace than younger souls. Older souls tend to be more insightful, intuitive and able to look at themsevels honestly. Younger souls tend to spend more time in denial of who they are, fearful of being wrong, have more of a need to prove themselves to others and so on.

I guess I experience old souls as wise and at peace with themselves, aware that they have found what they’ve been looking for and it is within them. Younger souls are still searching outside of themselves for something that seems elusive. Younger souls feel frantic and like a “drama queen” to me. This is not meant to be judgmental, it is simply describing phases we all go through during our own lives, as well as during our soul’s growth and development.

What would be the benefit of knowing your soul age? For me it’s interesting to use my sense of a person’s soul agae as a way of gathering a lot of information about them all at once. If I get a sense a person is about 25 in Soul age, then I have a different set of “notes” about them than if I were to sense that person was a 75 year-old soul. It’s just another tool for helping to understand yourself and those around you. Be careful to keep judgements out of your conclusions. It’s neither good nor bad to be an old soul or a young soul, just as it is neither good nor bad to be a toddler or a teen.  There are simply different issues to face along with different abilities that come along with the various stages of development.




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  1. warmweatherwoman says:

    I couldn’t agree more!! The people I’ve come across that seem to have old souls always have it all together. They don’t get all in an uproar about things, instead of getting angry they solve the problem more calmly then I’ve seen “younger soul” people do. I believe I’m probably a middle aged soul…I don’t feel young ..and I’m not wise enough to feel that I myself have an old soul.

  2. angelicagapit says:

    Though I’m only 18-years old, my friends say that I have an old soul.

    They say that I think very deeply into things and I see and analyze things in a whole new perspective. I appreciate that they say I’m wise and they constantly ask me advice dealing with their relationships or future goals.

    I’m glad they appreciate me and my “old soul”!

  3. bluemoose3 says:

    Through self reflection I am realizing that I have quite a young soul. I have issues dealing with lying to myself, and I am very fearful. I suppose it’s good that I am realizing these things at a point where I am able to deal with them. I’m interested to learn more about this topic.

  4. ipenipent says:

    I’m not sure, but I think I may have an old soul, but I can’t tell for sure. When I was younger, a lot of adults told me I’m very mature and understanding for my age, and I was usually never mad but instead always peaceful… if not peaceful then some sort of neutral. Still, though, interesting to think about.

  5. Laksefar says:

    Interesting perspective.
    If we say that the soul is the thing that lives and our body is the vessel it would make sense.
    Sometimes we feel liek we’ve experienced things before and maybe “we” have; the souls has. If the souls has lived many lives it’s probably wise as you said.
    I believe I have a quite old soul, judging from what you said :)

  6. HalfCrazedWriter says:

    My mother often spoke about the age of a person’s soul, as well as the effect on his or her beliefs and emotional states.
    She felt that younger souls tend to be more shallow in human relationships, while older souls possess a depth of feeling and knowledge that cannot be learned within the time span of this current life.
    As I myself grow older, I am beginning to believe this. It definitely can explain the behavior of others on an emotional and spiritual level.

  7. Bryan Cassidy says:

    I just had a spiritual awakening and experienced some pretty interesting stuff in relation to souls. On the day that Nelson Mandela died, I was reading an article and his picture popped out of the screen, I heard him tell me “carry on my legacy” and then felt my soul expand internally. Also, I know that I have switched souls throughout my lifetime as I have advanced in my awakening.

  8. prettyflorist says:

    People have always said that I have an old soul. But I feel as though I am young at heart! I wonder if the two are connected in some way. I’ve never really thought about it before until I read this article. I have always been drawn to the calmer side of things. I’ve never cared for going out into overly exciting environments. It’s funny because I’ve noticed my husband is changing and becoming more like me. I believe there is something to the idea that men and women age differently both physically and soul-wise. I don’t think this is a bad thing at all. I think it takes all kinds of people to make this world run properly and both old souls and young souls are needed to do it!

  9. karadawn says:

    Interesting topic of discussion. What ARE the benefits of knowing your soul’s age? Maybe it’s good we do not (consciously) know these things? Would it change the way we view the world?

    I’ve often thought my son is an old soul, or at the very least, lived multiple past lives. It was especially transparent when he was a baby because of his reaction to certain situations. For example, most babies will fall right asleep when they are in the car, but my son would always cry. This went on for months, until he was nearly a year old. Why did he have such a fear of car rides? I have no idea, but he hated them. I always wondered if something bad had happened in a car in his past life, but there was never a way of truly knowing.

  10. dstarr says:

    Young souls do not age gracefully. After spending their youth in pursuit of things, when they reach middle age they try to hang on to their youthful appearance with health regimens such as diet, exercise, vitamins, and spas. It is important to them to remain youngish.

  11. jlmoore06 says:

    I am very keenly aware of soul ages. I actually tend to think about this topic when I encounter different people. I can pick up instantly whether this is a person that would match my spirit or if I should allow them into my energy field. For myself, I know that I am an old soul. One day, a while ago, I ran across poems I wrote as a 13 year old. At that time in my life, I was going through a lot! But through this time, I wrote incredible poetry that only a person who was 30 year old or older would write. I reflected and wondered, “How in the world did I, at such a young age, knew that life consisted of different roads to take and the choice was mine”. This could have only came from within. To my memory, it is not something I have heard before from my parents. Throughout my journey, it has only gotten much deeper, especially throughout college and even now. You live and you learn and I have not stopped learning. Call it the introvert in me, but it is something I love to do everyday!

  12. jonathan says:

    When I was between 14 and 25 years old I always felt like I knew a lot more things than the people around me. I could often have serious talks with people in their 40’s (while I was 17-18) and they would be amazed at the way I see life and how I can actually understand things that even they couldn’t. I guess I must have an old soul, right :)? Who knows?

    I did not lose this ability but now it is not as noticeable because I talk to people who are about the same age as I am. Very interesting topic!

  13. ssb2126 says:

    I often times feel like I am an old school. I feel like sometimes the way of the world today don’t match my ideas or my idea of living. When I look back to old times and hear stories of it from people who actually lived in those times I feel like that is apart of me. From the way I dress to the way I speak and value certain things I definitely feel like my soul is an old one.

  14. stardisgate says:

    To me, it would be awesome to find this information out. I mean, it might explain a lot about the way a person is, or even about what a person believes. It would be an interesting study to see.

  15. misstiff823 says:

    I’ve always felt like I was an old woman in a young woman’s body. I identify with old things. I’m mature for my age and take pleasure in spiritual pursuits instead of clubbing and partying like most people my age. I’m 23 but I feel like I’m in my late 40’s. I’ve actually taken a soul age test online and came up as a Mature level soul and I totally agree with the description. I am not yet old but I’m on my way there.

  16. funky terran says:

    I think younger souls still chase after external things and involve themselves more in ego dramas. They sense that they are lacking something, but for this reason feel that they must somehow assert themselves. The older a soul gets, the more it turns to the well spring inside as the true source of peace and fulfillment.

  17. ZISdaisy says:

    Since I can remember, I’ve been called an old soul. I don’t know if I actually have an old soul, but the term makes me feel very comfortable. I have a more introverted nature, always enjoying things slightly beyond my age. On the funny side, it has become a challenge in dating, because it is kind of hard for me to connect with guys around my age, but it has become less of a big deal as I grow older. I feel very comfortable in my emotional skin, and I usually pay more attention to events and can predict emotional responses more accurately than most of my peers. If I am actually an old soul, I surely enjoy it inmensely.

  18. kate86 says:

    I’m just realizing it but I think I might be a young soul. I have trouble with focusing on goals and letting bad relationships go from my mind. However, I do have a good, relaxed way of dealing with bad things that have happened to me personally, and wonder if maybe this is something that I have experienced before.

  19. Unforgotten says:

    I’m an old soul but I seem to attract new souls. It’s a vicious circle and I find myself unappreciated and lacking challenge in my life. I spent a part of my life living pretty selfless and carefree but it is almost like after a certain age things changed and now I find myself helping others but not myself? Can anyone relate to that.

  20. davbonpol13 says:

    I am not sure which lifetime I am on but I do know that the secret to happiness isn’t a secret at all! We have everthing we need to be happy within us, and we when realize this we can include others in our experience of this life! In fact others will be drawn to those who have had this realization.

  21. jmdecaro says:

    Every time I meet someone new and they ask me about my life they always tell me I’m an old soul. I’ve never been able to really get that sense from anyone else, so it always amazes me when someone tells me that about myself. I’d like to be more in-tune to soul ages of others. I think I’d probably make more connections that way.

  22. jennmcleod01 says:

    I’m not too sure what my soul age is. When I was younger I thought it was older, but in my mid twenties I still feel like it’s young. Maybe I’m not as good at aging a persons soul. I’ll ask to ask my uncle-in-law. He’s very good at judging people’s souls.

  23. mochaisis says:

    My mother and those who’ve known me for a long time have always called me an “old soul” for a number of reasons. my mother has remarked that I’ve always felt more comfortable around older people. As a child, she said that I would rather be around her and her friends than children my own age, and that I always preferred the music and fashion of previous generations. In my 30s, I’ve realized that this may be true. Most of my close friends are in their late 40s and 50s, and I prefer the “oldies but goodies” to anything that is being played on the radio or sold in stores now.

  24. Swoosieque says:

    I have always believed my first born son to be an old soul. He was “wise” even as a child! That is the basis upon which I made my conclusion of his being old.

    As I age in this plane, I no longer care to know my soul’s age, somehow it does not matter anymore as it did when I was younger. It was more like fun trivia for discussion and comparison with others. Now, it would seem to me that the older of a soul I am, perhaps the more mistakes and bad karma I need to correct before I can finally become part of the light and finally, stop incarnating.

  25. TheaLuxton says:

    I read souls, and it is hard encountering a young soul who is a senior who hasn’t learned their lessons.

    I am an old, ancient soul, but still have many things to learn. More about how society has evolved and what is acceptable now. It is hard not to be old fashioned at times.

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