Talk to a Panther?

So many of us have pets. How often have you wondered what is going on with them? Are they sick? Why are they acting like that?

I came across this video of how an animal communicator connects with an abused and angry panther to help make sense of his new surroundings. The difference this communication makes is visible both in the behavior of the panther and the lives of the humans around him.



One Response to Talk to a Panther?

  1. I have been communicating with animals so this is not new to me. Just a few minutes in, I had tears of joy that someone was acknowledging the awesome spirit of this beautiful being. Acknowledging not as a lower life form, but as a soul to soul contact. When people ask me how I do talk with animals, the first thing I say to them is that you have to get past thinking of them as a lower life form. It won’t work like that, that energy does not work like that. Who and what they are is powerful co-creators with you.

    I could see this woman and this awesome being doing that. And amazing that this turned around the attitude of the workers. I especially loved them making this change into equality of energy and actually talking with the ‘animal’. It’s always very profound and exciting seeing this change in people. The communicator ‘woke up that spark’ in them, their ‘knowing’. Very special video, thank you so much for putting it out.

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