Using Your Imagination to Connect with Other Dimensions

I’m thrilled to have my latest article published in the Journal for Healing and Caring. This online Journal has been around for over a decade now and is full of articles about alternative healing.

Please check this journal out, it’s Free to read, just subscribe to it and you will get access to the current issue as well as archived issues. I’m honored to be among so many amazing and interesting pioneers in the areas of Energy Psychology and the many other alternative healing technologies today.

Here is a link to my article about using your imagination to connect with animals, loved ones who have passed and even Angels and Spirit Guides:

I would love to have your feedback, especially if you get to try your own imagination out and have your own story to tell.


14 Responses to Using Your Imagination to Connect with Other Dimensions

  1. IndigoGemini says:

    I loved reading about how your family used their imagination in storytelling it sounds like there is so much happiness and laughter in your home. That is a very cherished trait to me. I believe the imagination is key to reclaiming our minds. It reminds us that we create this reality. I have always loved writing for that reason, I could create a whole world and characters and in my mind I am living in it. I see the landscapes emerge as I visualize and write about them. Its shamanic journeying that gave me the confidence to believe and trust my intuition. Understanding the upper middle and lower worlds gave me perspective. I love going into my astral temple, there is where my spirit guardians live and where I receive messages from guides. Its a vast land. When my spirit guardian flys me around I notice which parts of the landscape represent my heart, my soul, my emotions… I really like the Journey exercise you provide at the end of your post. I feel that is definitely tapping into shamanic work. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. ipenipent says:

    I am pretty new to this, but already it seems interesting! Really great stuff to be honest, I wish I had found it sooner! I will read on, this is really good stuff!

  3. Laksefar says:

    I am in contact with the higher dimensions and it’s a channel I strife to get a clearer connection to. As you touch on in your article, I’m sure that our emotion and thought are related to the other dimensions.
    Nothis is a random impulse, they must coem from somewhere.

    Keep up making content like this! I enjoy reading it

  4. Kihluna says:

    I am very new in all these ways. My mother does a lot with crystals and is teaching me. This site is a great resource, I can`t wait to show her!

  5. Bryan Cassidy says:

    Really interesting article. I just had an amazing spiritual awakening so I’m still learning how to incorporate this new awareness into my life. Amazing blogs and people like you are the reason why I’m able to do so. Thanks for writing this!

  6. dstarr says:

    Well written and thought provoking article. It makes you really think if you have this 6th sense, supernatural power.

  7. karadawn says:

    Beautiful article. It really makes me realize that there is little difference between visions of another dimension and imagination of another world. I often wondered if when I do exercises like meditation if I was really connecting or just imagining I was. But as you explained it, there isn’t really a difference, and that imagining it -IS- connecting. Thank you for this interesting article, and congrats on having it published!

  8. erisleigh says:

    This was a very thought-provoking article. Congratulations on having it published! I have a very eclectic spiritual background, and I’m happy to have come upon your blog as it provides yet another piece of the spiritual whole.

    In my studies, one theme that comes up again and again is that thought has more power than most people give it credit for. For example, if you wake up thinking “this is going to be a horrible day”, chances are it will be. In contrast, if you wake up thinking “this is a wonderful day”, your experience will be a lot more positive. Because of this, I took up the habit of writing down three things I am grateful for every morning. This practice has brought about a lot of positive change in my life.

    However, I never considered how much more I could do if I incorporated positive imagination into my daily routine.

    Imagination is already important to me in my everyday life. I am the creator of worlds through my words and my paintings & drawings. I think now, after reading your article, I will try using my imagination to create a fantastic REAL world for myself and my family.

  9. fortunado30 says:

    Most artists that can create images from scratch can visualize the picture before they draw it on paper. It begins by using imagination to visualize the image into a great picture. Some people prefer to love abstract paintings. By looking at the painting, they can create their own image through their own imagination and transfer it to a different dimension. This process gives off positive energy. Thank you for sharing.

  10. funky terran says:

    Wow, what an interesting article. Imagination can be such an amazing tool. I think we are not always aware to what extent we already use it. Each sees a different version of the world and only when you compare notes, you sometimes realized, hey that wasn’t the way I encountered it. I’ve learnt, when that happens, to not jump in and shout, “No, that’s wrong!” but to simply pay attention. A few weeks ago, a very interesting incident, where I was having coffee with a friend I’ve known for about 7 years and also a woman, we have just met recently. My friend was telling the woman how we met, and about halfway into the story, I began to get both interested and amused, because the story she was telling about how we met, was new and news to me. I didn’t correct her, though. I merely listened, thinking to myself, maybe we have slipped to another dimension or reality. Maybe what I remember, is no longer ‘true’.

    What also gets me, is when you encounter a stranger and you know, beyond a doubt that you already know that person. Like dreams, imagination can serve as a guide to seeing the true nature of things.

  11. kate86 says:

    This is an interesting article, I love the description of the desire to throw the dishes out of the cabinets. I know what you mean about this. Once I had a dream where I had dyed my hair blue, and when I woke, the feeling that I should do this was very strong. So I went out and did it! I’m not sure if it actually made any difference in my life, but it sure made me feel like I was on the right path!

  12. davbonpol13 says:

    There is something to be said about imagining yourself in a particular life situation. Seeing yourself doing something that you feel you really want to do, will help create the ground work to get you on the path to actually doing it! I do this anytime I feel that I need a change, start to imagine myself doing something different, then the thought will take form eventually.

  13. addictedtmusic says:

    This reminded me a long time when a me and a couple of friends decided to play a game we basically made up. There were a few basic rules and the “storyteller”. First you had to decide what kind of character you wanted to be beautiful? strong? rich? and with what characteristics and all the decisions were based upon that.Of course you had an alternate name etc

    The storyteller after went by turns to every player and started the story, for example “Now you are in the forest and you are hungry and have no weapon to kill the wolf that is coming towards you, what are you going to do? I remember me having my eyes shut and just imagining the whole situation with intensity. Using your imagination is great, because you can create a parallel world that is how exactly how you want it! Thanks for sharing your story!

  14. secretgoldfish says:

    Congrats on getting your article published. The article itself was very interesting and thought provoking. Our imagination is a very owerful thing, they say we lose it as we get older, but that’s not always the case. With a little imagination you can go a long way.

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