What Do the Different Suits Mean?

I’m not an expert at all when it comes to Tarot Cards. I know that there are four suites; Wands, Cups, Coins, Swords. I think those suits may be a little different depending on the deck.

I’m just wondering what these suites mean. I’ve seem to remember something about them being related to the playing card suits is that right? Is it meaningful if you get lots of a particular suit in one reading?

Anyway, just a bunch of questions, would enjoy getting different views.

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  1. oavani says:

    Well since I am a person guided by my senses, I generally apply those feelings to the cards I draw after I’ve learned a basic outline laid out for them over the centuries. Wands have everything to do with energy, heat, rebirth, fire, drive, and things like that. Swords are emotional, pulling on buried feelings and a lot of the time, pain and aggression. They tend to have a lot to do with self-punishment. They are categorized with the element of air, which can be swift and fast, or can creep up on you. Cups have more to do with dreams and desires, and tend to revolve around people who can either be generous or have their heads in the clouds. And pentacles or coins are money. They speak of abundance, things, harvest, generally anything you can cultivate by your own hand.

  2. firelily99 says:

    Never have understood what the tarot cards are about so I really appreciate the information. It seems very interesting and I’m going to take some time to learn more about it. Thanks for such a comprehensive overview of tarot cards.

  3. karmaman says:

    The cups represent emotions and integral energies, while the swords are direct and active. The coins usually tie into material things like wealth and your home, while the wands are a less aggressive version of the swords. They are also linked to the elements, but scholars argue about which elements work best for wands and swords.

  4. firelily99 says:

    So, how does it work? What is the process involved with the cards in terms of laying them out and reading them?

  5. butterflyfree says:

    I know the tarot suits of swords focuses on air. When you produce a lot of swords cards, that indicates a need for resolution in life. Whether it’s making a decision, or overcoming a struggle. The timing for these events in Suit of Swords is late winter/early spring. I’m not too familiar with the other suits.

  6. IndigoGemini says:

    Thinking about elemental magick… as well as hermetics.. I believe there are many ways to interpret the suits in the tarot. In an elemental altar, the Cup represents Water, the Sword Fire, The Pentacle Earth and the Wand Air.

    Answering your question on the deck of cards and their suits corresponding.. Wands correspond to the suit of clubs, Pentacles correspond to the Diamond suit, Swords correspond to spades, and Cups to hearts!

    Im referring to my old notebooks for this one.

    Wands- Fire, Aries, Leo ,Sag., Spring, Energetic, Outgoing, traveling, power, spark of life,phallus,projects, renewal, growth
    Fair skinned, blonde, redhead

    Pentacles-Earth, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn,Resourceful, Service, Practical, Realistic, Dull,Studious,Selfish ,Bankers ,Students, Farmers, Material World, Education
    Dark skin, hair, eyes

    Swords- Air, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Autumn, Mental Communication, Detached, Aloof, Cool, Intellectual, Calculating, Head over heart, Strong-minded, Intellectuals, Journalists, Lawyers,Doctors, Law enforcers
    Brown/black hair, light eyes, olive skin

    Cups-Water, cancer, scorpio, pisces, summer, emotional, artistic, creative,sensitive, nurturing, tender, relationship oriented, romantic, friendly, affection, caring, mood, sex, happiness, art, dreams, counselors, artists, musicians, psychics
    Light brown/blonde/grey hair blue, light, hazel eyes med.skin

    Aces (Ones) – Seeds, new beginnings, creative principle, start, root,birth, initiation, vitality

    Hope these key words give you all some different perspectives on the tarot!

  7. santorebirth says:

    Does anyone know about tarot card reading? Can someone please explain my 6 card universal spread? I’m curious as to what it tells about myself.

    Card 1 The Fool Card 2 Temperance Card 3 Judgment Card 4 Strength Card 5 The Devil Card 6 The Emperor

  8. ipenipent says:

    As much as I am into spiritual things, I don’t really like the concept of tarot cards. You’re trying to evaluate something that comes from chance, and I don’t think that’s such a great move. I prefer other methods of spiritual evaluation!

  9. dstarr says:

    I have never tried Tarot cards before, I want to though!

  10. jonathan says:

    I agree with ipenipent as tarot cards seem to evaluate things based on nothing solid. They just assume chance is going to go this way rather than that way. I don’t like when something is based almost solely on chance. I want facts, things that I can base something on rather than just hope I will be leaded a certain way by some magical force.

    I feel that a combination of hard work and following certain signs is the best way to live ones life. You need to take advantage of certain things that we do not fully understand how they work (but that doesn’t mean they do not work) and apply lots of hard work to it and you will be a success in everything you undertake.

  11. mercantile519 says:

    I had my tarot read for the first time a few months ago and it was amazing. It really helped me with certain aspects of my life. I don’t know anything about the suits, but I’d be interested in learning more!

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